Leading housebuilder David Wilson Homes is offering Northamptonshire homebuyers its five top tips for moving home safely with young children over the festive period.

With a range of properties across the county that will be ready to move in before the big day, the developer wants to ensure people have a hassle-free move and keep their children safe. 

Jason Hearn, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said:

“It’s commonly known that the most frequently-occurring accidents happen in the home, and the last thing we want is for them to happen part-way through your move! As this is a very popular time for people to relocate to a new home, we’ve decided to put together the following top tips to help you and your children have a safer, accident-free move.”

Install safety gates

If you have a child under two, it is recommended that you install safety gates on the stairs as soon as you can, even before the child enters the house. This sounds drastic, but they will be very excited and keen to explore and you may be busy with the move and easily distracted from supervising them as closely as you would normally.

Keep windows and doors secure

While moving, doors and windows are often open as people come in and out the house with boxes. Make sure that windows and doors are secure while you’re busy sorting out the new house and ensure your child can’t run or climb out while you’re pre-occupied with unboxing. 

Keep furniture at a safe distance

We all know toddlers love to climb, so when it comes to moving day, although you may not have decided where you want your furniture to be positioned, we recommend that you keep it away from windows until you are sure. Once you do settle on a final position, it is advisable to secure furniture in place, particularly if it’s a heavy cabinet or table.

Explore the garden

Gardens are a great place for children to play, but it’s a good idea to have a walk around your new garden to check whether your children might be able to find their way into neighbouring gardens or out onto the street, and secure the area if necessary. As babies and young children can drown in as little as 5cm of water, if your garden has a pond or water butt, it is recommended that you install appropriate safety measures as soon as possible.

Get used to your surroundings David Wilson Homes Toddler Tip 5 - Get used to your surroundings

If you’ve moved to a new area or even just a new street, it is likely that the roads as well as the volume and speed of traffic will be unfamiliar. We recommend you practice the new school run if you can – even with older children. To help children get used to a new area, research it with them so they can get excited about the new opportunities. 

Jason continued, “It’s likely to be a stressful time, but just a few checks before and after your move will give you and your child peace of mind and make sure your move is a happy one.”

David Wilson Homes is currently building high quality homes in the area at the following developments that will be ready to move in before Christmas: Bertone Manor in Barton Seagrave, The Gateway at Priors Hall Park in Corby, Radstone Fields in Brackley, The Avenue in Overstone, The Wickets in Earls Barton and The Nurseries in Thrapston.

For more information, please visit the David Wilson Homes website at www.dwh.co.uk, or call the sales team on 033 3355 8486.
November 16, 2018

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