An emerging interior design trend for displaying rugs on walls is elevating the humble rug to an ‘objet d'art’.

Daniel Prendergast, Design Director of The Rug Seller, explains more about the 2018 ‘rugs as wall art’ trend and highlights statement rugs to ‘get the look’

Homeowners are taking a different approach to rugs in home décor; more of our customers are searching for hand-crafted/ statement designs and even replacing ‘art’ by hanging rugs in the vertical space.

This new outlook is reflected in the fact that Pinterest searches for statement rugs have rocketed by 236% in 2018 (YOY).

We’re used to the idea of selecting paintings or prints for their originality, aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship. Similar to more ‘traditional’ artforms, rugs are becoming less of a Rug Seller‘finishing touch’ and more of an investment or talking point within a room.

“Go vertical!” says Daniel.  

Introduce three-dimensional form and tactile surfaces to walls by using rugs as wall hangings.

Inspired by traditional Indian dhurries (a traditional flat woven type of rug) and handwoven from pure wool, the abstract geometric design of this Tipi rug makes it ideal for wall mounting. It also incorporates fringed edges and sage green – both popular looks this year.

Statement Rugs

“When a look is trending on Pinterest you know it’s a winner and homeowners are certainly getting bolder with their choice of rugs.  We’re seeing much more interest in our designer rugs and also more customers searching for larger, more colourful rugs. 

“When introducing a statement rug it’s important to think holistically, limiting ‘busy’ pattern throughout the room.”

“Some rugs are a cut above the rest; exquisitely made with an extremely high level of artistry. A decorative rug can transform a room and some styles (especially oriental rugs) can also be a canny investment, depreciating in value much more slowly than other home accessories.”

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June 11, 2018

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