The eco-friendly devices every home needs

Aldous Hicks, CEO and Co-founder of ReCircle Recycling Ltd, discusses some of the top eco-friendly devices every home will have within the next 10 years…

We have a major problem with our recycling at the moment. 5.25 TRILLION plastic items have ended up in the sea and we continue to add to this. In addition, 50% of what we put into recycling bins isn’t recycled.

Part of the problem is that so much of our plastic waste is contaminated and cannot be recycled. This is no surprise as people, even when they want to recycle and try hard to get it right, find the whole process very confusing.  What we need is to do is make the process easier and take, for example plastic, and recycle it into a pure product that can be reused.

This will require new recycling processes that will turn waste into pure, high value material that can be sold or even used in 3D printers to create new items at home. The eco-friendly devices every home needs - plastic rubbish for recycling

To achieve a future that is waste free will mean creating a closed-loop economy where products and their packaging can be recycled and then the material used to make the same or similar products again.  

At ReCircle we are working on an appliance that will help achieve this kind of recycling by separating materials then washing, grinding or compacting to provide contaminant-free, sized-reduced pure materials ready to be sold to manufacturers. The pure close-loop recyclable products will then be collected on-demand, when the storage containers at particular buildings are full. 

What is also important is that in future our new appliances don’t use a lot of energy. There is considerable research and development to provide new storage batteries that will mean that when energy is produced at home it can be stored and then used to power the lower-energy appliances that we will have.

This means that, in the future, we’ll see homes with:

1. plastic​ recyling appliances

2. solar tiles

3. super-efficient, elegant wind turbines on roofs 

4. bio synthesisers installed to process, for example food waste and waste from toilets.

Bio synthesisers  use microorganisms to break down organic material and CO2, passing the energy straight into a battery.

As these changes are made recycling will truly become part of everyday life.


Aldous Hicks is the CEO and Co-founder of ReCircle Recycling Ltd. Aldous has over 30 years of business experience as a technology and software developer, project manager and mechanical engineer, including developing water and material recycling technology. He developed SOHO custom PC database software and prior to that worked with Mannesmann Demag AG, a multi-national German mechanical heavy engineering company.

Aldous has now turned his attention and expertise to the recycling economy, founding ReCircle to create a solution that will empower consumers while reversing the unsustainable and inefficient recycling system.



June 18, 2019

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