How to be more energy efficient at home

by Mike Feely, Green Guru at E.ON

During Britain’s hottest summer in four decades, thoughts about energy efficiency may seem like a distant memory. However, as winter draws nearer and the weather gets cooler, the topic of energy usage at home inevitably starts to creep back into our minds.

Recent research by E.ON found that Brits don’t feel confident when it comes to energy related tasks at home. There are some easy things you can start doing now to get yourself prepped and ready before the fresher nights set in. Whether you’re buying a Victorian terrace or a new build, there are simple changes we can all make to be more energy efficient. 

Simple swaps to go green

Helping the environment at home doesn’t have to be expensive – you can make a difference by doing something as simple as switching to LED lightbulbs. These will give you the same level of brightness as a traditional bulb and can save you up to £6 each year.  E.ON's Mike Feely: energy efficient

Hug your home with insulation

A typical home can lose around a third of its heat through uninsulated walls and up to a quarter through the roof. Insulation can prevent this by trapping heat which could save a typical family £285 a year. 

Another straightforward way to save some energy is simply plugging gaps in windows, doors, and ceiling-to-wall-joints. This helps prevent heat loss and save you up to £25 a year. And if your home is already sealed up, then lowering your thermostat by just 1oC can save you £80 a year. 

Get smart

The best way to be energy efficient is to actually know how much energy you’re using – this is where smart technology becomes the hero of British households. Modern technology can take the hard work out of managing your energy and give you more control over how much you use. 

Self-reading smart meters are a fantastic way to monitor usage, with near real-time updates allowing you to see how much you’ve used every time you blow-dry your hair or pop the kettle on. Not only that, but you’ll no longer need to go under the stairs to check and submit a reading – smart meters automatically send readings to your energy provider meaning you can say goodbye to estimated bills. 

And when partnered with an app like E.ON See, you’ll have this information in the palm of your hand via your smart phone or tablet, which can help you identify where you can use less energy. You can also control your home’s heating from your smartphone too, thanks to smart thermostats like tadoo from E.ON. 

Small changes, big difference 

Sometimes, it’s just about being smart with what you already have. Check your radiator – if your room isn’t heating up or it feels cold at the top and hot at the bottom then it might just need bleeding. And when arranging your interiors, be sure think about more than just Feng Shui. 

Ensure radiators aren’t covered or blocked behind furniture so that heat can flow freely throughout the room. And while we may be leaving summer behind, keeping curtains and blinds open during the day can make the most of those precious hours of warm winter sunlight. Of course, don’t forget to close them when it gets dark, to help keep that warmth in. 

Out with the old and inefficient

Owning an inefficient boiler is costly so it’s important that your boiler is as efficient as it can be. If your boiler has a ceramic or metal flue then much of the heat you’re paying for is being wasted heating the air outside your home rather than the water circulating around your radiators. By replacing your old boiler with a new, highly-efficient boiler – which are available through E.ON - depending on your current house type and boiler you could cut up to £210 off your annual energy bill.

According to research by E.ON, a quarter of Brits don’t want to leave the home in winter, and by making some of these simple switches you can not only make sure your home stays nice and toasty this winter, but you can also become more energy efficient which can help you save for Christmas gifts. 

See e.on for more information on becoming more energy efficient.

August 13, 2018

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