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Bring out a property's personality, Homefocus magazine takes a look at different ways to give your home a personality all of it's own. Add a touch of glamour to your home with cool silver metallics, used like jewellery, to instantly refresh a space and create an impact with.

How to create the perfect kitchen in your forever home

Create the perfect kitchen

Far from being the hidden-away workspaces that they once were, modern kitchens are, in many ways, the hub of the home. These days, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and only a small fraction of that is actually used for cooking, so you'll want yours to look perfect. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing your kitchen, but we're going to walk you through the steps you should consider if you want to create a space that resonates with you.

It all starts with a plan

3 on-trend bathroom styles for 2019

Industrial Bathroom

Will 2019 be the year you finally get round to renovating your bathroom? Perhaps you have a cloakroom that needs a little TLC or an ensuite that is looking hopelessly out of date?

When you start out on your bathroom planning journey, it can often be difficult to see the wood for the trees. There are so many ways in which you can gain inspiration, from online sources such as Pinterest, to home interest magazines. It can often be hard to figure out just what kind of look you want to achieve.

The good news is, help is at hand. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at three contemporary but very different bathroom styles, to help you easily achieve that on-trend bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

Top Tips for Creating an Elegant Christmas Bedroom

Elegant festive bedroom

Beautifully decorating your home is all part of getting into the Christmas spirit. While many of us spend hours decorating the entrance hallway, living room, dining room and even kitchen with sparkly ornaments and fairy lights, the bedroom can sometimes slip under the festive radar. But fear not, there’s plenty of time to ensure this isn’t the case for 2019! A festively decorated bedroom will make sure you wake up to plenty of holiday cheer, throughout each morning of December. 


Decorating Children's bedrooms for Christmas: The Do's and Don'ts of Decorations

Decorations in bedroom

Christmas is arguably the most magical time of the year, especially for Children. Christmas songs, writing letters to Santa and gift lists, all help to build the excitement in the run up to Christmas (not that they need it!). Have you ever thought of spending the time give their bedrooms a festive makeover? Taking some time from your busy schedule and helping your little ones to decorate their bedroom is almost guaranteed to bring instant happiness. To get you started, Room To Grow have shared their do’s and don’ts for Christmas decorations:


Winter styling tips for your new home

Cosy winter styling of home

Matt Deighton is the Managing Director of Sofas by Saxon, a manufacturer of luxury sofas and soft furnishing accessories. Here, he shares his winter styling tips on how you can give your new home a cosy style overhaul just in time for winter.

If you’re looking forward to spending your first winter in your new home, you’ll want to make sure your décor is cosy and inviting. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing four simple but effective winter styling tips that will add warmth and comfort to your home, while still looking perfectly modern and on-trend.


Add statement velvet furnishings

Get festive with Bloc Blinds unique swappable Christmas blinds

Festive Blinds

For those looking for an interesting way to accessorise their home this year, why not opt for one of Bloc Blinds special swappable roller blind systems? This clever invention has elevated the humble roller blind to the latest way to keep up with trends and key calendar dates as the company’s unique Fabric Changer system empowers homeowners everywhere to be bang-up-to-date by simply hooking-on and hooking-off patterns in line with the season.

Room to judge: The first impressions guests have of your home

Home in daylight

When we welcome guests into our home, we hope they walk away talking about how lovely it is. But when it comes to spending our hard-earned cash on home improvements, are we focusing on the right things?

New research from Hitachi Personal Finance reveals the areas that people first notice when visiting someone's home compared to our top property priorities, plus the experts have given their tips on the best changes to make to improve those all-important first impressions.

How to create Còsagach in your home

Còsagach bedding

Last year we were obsessed with Hygge, the feeling of contentment derived from Denmark. But times change and this year it is all about Còsagach - an old Scottish word for feeling snug, sheltered and warm, inspired by cosy boltholes and small spaces.

Identified as a top lifestyle trend for 2018*, it’s one we now need to embrace as our Summer draws to a close and Autumn arrives.

So here are five tips from Elle Shenton, product designer for Silentnight bedlinen and accessories, on how to achieve Còsagach in your home.

1) Crank up the heating

Get Ready To Impress Festive Guests With Ronseal

Ronseal Floor Wax

The dining room really comes into its own at Christmas. It's the room where the most important meal of the year is served, so it's crucial to get it looking its best. Prepare your room ahead of the 25th with a little help from Ronseal.  

Give your dining table a festive, shabby chic update with Ronseal's Chalky Furniture Paint. Requiring minimal elbow grease, and only a quick sand in terms of preparation, just two coatsof this product are all it takes to achieve a flat matt finish and create a statement table that guests will love as much as the food you are serving on it.

(From £17.99)

The ultimate velvet statement in your home

Velvet sofa in living room

As we’re in the middle of autumn and the cold snap has hit, now is the perfect time to make your home comforting and cosy and what better fabric to include than an opulent velvet?

Velvet is a style that is not going anywhere but it is a worry for families up and down the country that its perfect finish will be spoilt by an unsightly stain. Aquaclean, the stain resistant sofa fabric, is here to help with its gorgeous ‘Harriet’ fabric range that is the first stain-proof velvet ever.

Three ways to spice up your home this autumn

Black Sofa contrasting with white walls - Autumn Style

Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, Rebecca Snowden shares her top styling tips for autumn 2018

As the temperature starts to drop and you look to spend more time cosied up at home, there’s no better time to update your home decor and spice up your living space. Some of the biggest trends to enter our homes this autumn include a move towards earthy colour combinations, cushy neutrals, and layering up different textures for a cosy feel. 

With these key trends in mind, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice offers her top styling tips to bring your home to life this autumn.

1.   Accessorise with comfy textures

Interior DIY tips to run your home in an energy efficient way

Man doing some interior DIY with his dog

How we decorate our homes can make a huge difference to the amount of energy we use and pay for. Here are some top tips from Hoppy on how use interior design for your home in an energy efficient way:

Rearrange furniture

If your main source of heat is covered by large pieces of furniture such a sofas or cabinets then the heat won’t travel very far and it won’t be keeping you warm! Arrange your furniture around radiators instead to give the heat plenty of opportunity to circulate and heat the room. 

How to make your new home your own

Bedroom in new home

You've scrimped and saved for months, sacrificing holidays, nights out and weekend treats and now you’ve finally got your hands on the keys. The keys to your very own home. Bricks and mortar that you can call your own. But whether it’s a new build with a blank canvas or an older property in need of some TLC, you’re going to want to put your own mark on it to reflect your style and personality.

This piece should offer some tips to help you create a home you’ll be proud to call your own, without it costing the earth.

Choose your colours

Budgeting For Bathrooms

Budgeting For Bathrooms

When budgeting for your new bathroom, tiling is a crucial consideration.  Tiles are the hardest thing to replace and are exposed to lots of traffic and frequent cleaning. Therefore, it makes sense to spend the money on something you know will last and you will enjoy for longer.

Compared to natural stone floor tiles, Porcelain has the advantage of being very easy to maintain making it a great choice for domestic use.  It’s lightweight and doesn’t stain which is perfect for bathrooms.  In terms of budgeting, prices also tend to be lower than the equivalent stones and while ultimately it comes down to personal taste, porcelain does give all the benefits of stone but without any of the maintenance.  

Layer It Up With Tips From Cormar Carpet Company

A bedroom with Cormar Carpet

Gone are sterile spaces and in, is the new mood for depth and distinction. In short it’s all about layers, layers and more layers! According to The Cormar Carpet Company layering personalises a look and takes it from utilitarian to special. 

“It’s as simple as adding colour, texture, patterns via flooring, throws, curtains, and accessories,” said David Cormack, marketing director at Cormar. “Each layer brings colour and texture to the room but be careful you don’t overdo it – too much layering can look messy so the key is balance.” 

How To Get That Warm Feeling This Winter with ECO Duvet

ECO Duvet

Snuggle under a luxurious ECO duvet that hasn’t cost the earth to produce

The Fine Bedding Company ECO Duvet, from £45


The new ECO Duvet has been created by an eco friendly bedding brand championing sustainable production. (In fact the company has just been awarded the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – showing it is leading the way in its processes.) 

The ECO Duvet is the UK’s first luxury duvet made entirely from recycled materials, 100 per cent of it – from the cover to the filling.

ScS Trend Update: Autumn/Winter 18

ScS Trend Sofa

If you’re looking to refresh your living space this Autumn, why not explore some of the season’s top interior trends at ScS? Whether it’s luxe fabrics, woodland materials or introducing blocks of colour, with these top picks from one of the UK’s largest furniture specialist, staying in this Autumn has never been so appealing!

Moving on from Scandi-Chic

The Nordic countries continue to influence the UK home interiors market with their effortlessly stylish and modern approach to living. The Riviera Corner dining set combines a stainless-steel design with a sleek wood finish to make a contemporary statement in any home. With smooth, clean lines, this unique dining set will elevate your space and give it a polished look.

Currently priced at: £999

How to make a great first impression with the front of your home

Front of a home

Some will say you can tell a lot about a house by the way the front looks, from what colour door it has, to the way the homeowners have pruned their garden.

To help you make a great first impression with your home, Anglian Home Improvements and Landscaping Expert Gena Lorraine from Fantastic Services have analysed 500 photographs using the popular #doorstagram hashtag on Instagram to give you the lowdown on exterior trends, and provide tips on how to make your home look appealing to visitors.

Add a splash of colour


Suna interior

With salary rises trailing behind house price growth, over the past twenty years London has seen the number of homeowners aged 25-34 plummet by over 20%[1]. For first time buyers looking to establish themselves on the London housing ladder sooner rather than later, Clarion Housing has recently unveiled Blackfriars Place, comprising 35 one and two-bedroom apartments in Southwark, that are ready to purchase through the shared ownership scheme. Boutique design consultancy, Suna Interior Design, were tasked with designing the show home for the scheme. Their brief was to appeal to the first-time buyer target audience and offer inspiration to first time buyers about how to decorate their own home, without breaking the budget. 

Space-saving tips for small kitchens

A small kitchens worktop and cupboards

By Richard Broadbent, Managing Director, Sinks-Taps

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But not all of us are lucky enough to have large kitchens with tonnes of space for gadgets, storage and lust-worthy islands.

However, small kitchens don’t have to mean compromise. To help you create the perfect compact kitchen for your unique style, here are my top space-saving tips…

It’s all in the planning

A functional floor plan is important for any kitchen, but it’s doubly important if you’re lacking square meters.

Get The Festive Feeling With Ingenious Damage-Free Command Hooks

Damage-Free Command Hooks

This festive season, why not deck your halls with style and sparkle and, better still… do it without damage?  Meet your new favourite decorating must-haves, Command Hooks and Strips from 3M. If you wouldn’t consider yourself a decorating expert, or even a DIYer, the Command Brand’s range of innovative hooks and strips from 3M will help you to hang your favourite fairy lights, wreaths and garlands, and get creative, without tools or fear of damage.

With help from our super-creative lifestyle and interior bloggers: Don’t Cramp my Style and Bodie and Fou*, this year we have created a range of stylish yet simple looks to add to our Christmas projects gallery, to give your home that added festive touch which is sure to turn the heads of your guests over Christmas period.

Average British Home has Seven DIY Projects That Need Doing

Man painting living room - DIY project

New research has revealed that the average British homeowner has seven DIY projects that need doing in their property, and 14% think they will never complete all the maintenance and DIY jobs in their home.

The average British household has seven DIY projects that have been left unfinished or not even started, and the majority of people have begun a project without finishing it. What’s more, over two thirds of Britons say that they have tackled a home-improvement task themselves before having to hire a professional in. 

Interior design: Escape the snow by going retro

Retro interior design collection from Icon - grey fluffy beanbag

A fusion of contemporary and retro style and a focus on wellbeing in interior design can help turn your home into a warm, welcoming escape from the cold this winter, says trend analyst and designer Allison Chatten…

As lead designer at British furniture brand Icon, Allison says ‘future retro’ is set to be a very popular trend this winter. “It’s about refined sophistication and combining a love of vintage and heritage with a more playful, modern atmosphere”, she said. “In short, it’s combining contemporary fabric technology, an awareness of mood-mindful textures with looks inspired by high-end 60s and 70s fashion and design such as Prada and Hermès.