Decorating Children's bedrooms for Christmas: The Do's and Don'ts of Decorations

Christmas is arguably the most magical time of the year, especially for Children. Christmas songs, writing letters to Santa and gift lists, all help to build the excitement in the run up to Christmas (not that they need it!). Have you ever thought of spending the time give their bedrooms a festive makeover? Taking some time from your busy schedule and helping your little ones to decorate their bedroom is almost guaranteed to bring instant happiness. To get you started, Room To Grow have shared their do’s and don’ts for Christmas decorations:


 Homemade decorationsdecorations with bunk beds

If you find yourself with spare time on your hands over Christmas holidays, or perhaps your children want to get crafty; get creative and make your own decorations.

Turn Jam Jars into homemade snow globes, use beautifully wrapped presents as décor and create home-made signs for your Child’s bedroom window so Santa Claus knows where to find their stocking! Spending an afternoon or two crafting your own decorations will really intensify that magical Christmas feeling.

 Festive bedding 

There’s nothing quite like festive bedding to get you into the Christmas spirit. Whatever your child loves most about Christmas, be it Father Christmas, Reindeers, Presents or Snow, keep an eye out for themed bedding to match! 

Style a festive bedroom display

If you have a spare shelf or windowsill, like that pictured next to the bunk bed shown above, dress it with your own festive display to help spread the festive mood. Cluster decorations together, drape tinsel or fairy lights along the space, and tie ribbons or hanging decorations to the shelf.


Let fairy lights become a safety hazard

Yes, fairy lights and other luminated decorations are a great addition and give off a warm Christmas feel, but if you’re going to use them, make sure wires are tucked away so your little ones don’t trip over.

Over decorate

Children are full of energy on a normal day, let alone around Christmas time. Keep bedroom decorations simple and minimalist to ensure the tidy up time doesn’t put extra stress on your shoulders.

Limit yourselves to red and greendecorations in bedroom

Bored of the same classic colour combinations? Go bold and introduce a new theme for your Children’s bedroom décor. Perhaps pick a palette they love to help them express their personalities. A couple of combinations that will help to inspire your creativity are:

Pure white- this theme gives off a magical Christmas Winter Wonderland feel (even if there is no snow outside)

Red and grey– a nice spin on the traditional green and grey, this colour duo gives off a sleep and contemporary Christmas vibe

Multicolour– kids love colour, you can never use too much! It’s colourful, jolly and cheerful and will kickstart the festive party mood. 


November 22, 2018

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