5 smart-home insurance gadgets for the first-time buyer

from Matt Poll, CEO and Co-Founder at Neos

‘Smart-home insurance’ may not be a well-known concept among first-time buyers. For those who have upped-sticks and embarked into their very first first home, the stress of just finding that dream home is often enough. Filing for home insurance is usually an afterthought in the process.

Bringing thoughts around home protection to the foreground, easy options are emerging that explore a happy intersection between daily lifestyle, insurance and technology. Accompanied by flexible insurance packages, consumers are increasingly deploying some of the latest, easy-to-install preventative technology to help bolster their insurance repertoire, paving the way for a new breed of smart-home insurance practice, which fits seamlessly into everyday life.

We’ve pinpointed the top 5 smart devices for first-time buyers to consider when deciding on the best way to protect their new home - all of which can be controlled  directly from a smartphone app:

Leak Sensors

Don’t let a puddle turn tidal. According to Legal and General, the UK average cost for a water claim is £2,390. Digitally-enabled leak sensors are not just the best method for detection, but also fit discreetly under sinks, washing machines, other water appliances and kickboards to align effortlessly with the look of your new abode.

Some leak sensors can be attached to the water mains and notify users when there is any unusual water activity across the entire property. Meaning one tiny device can monitor and keep your entire home safe.

Smoke Sensors5 smart-home insurance gadgets for the first-time buyer

Whether large or small, fire is one of the biggest worries when out-of-home. Advanced-level smoke sensors can detect even the smallest amount of smoke, adding a layer of smart-home insurance that uses both photoelectric and temperature sensors for maximum control.

Window and Door Sensors

Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window, according to SafeWise. Stay in the knowledge that all of your doors and windows are safeguarded with sensor technology. These sensors neatly attach to all structures, notifying users if any windows or doors are opened when you’re not at home to ensure peace of mind that all entry points are accounted for.

Indoor Security Cameras

Ever wonder what’s going on at home when you’re not around? Modern indoor security cameras offer homeowners unparalleled insight as to what’s going on inside your home, and are amazingly easy to install. You can check-in from the app, and  view the entirety of your house when out and about. For all pet owners: try not to spend all day on live-feed with your cat.

Motion Sensors

For when the hustle and bustle of redecorating gets a little too much, get out of the house and know that motion sensors have your back. State-of-the-art motion sensors are some of the smallest yet sophisticated preventative technologies around, notifying of any detection of movement whilst you’re away from home.

There’s a lot of obstacles to overcome for a first-time mover, but home protection shouldn’t be one of them. Smarter and cost efficient ways are now available to ensure that your home is not just insured, but smart-home insured.
March 5, 2019

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