The future’s bright – thank goodness for Apollo’s NEW blackout blinds

One of the most popular practical features of a window blind, especially during the summer months, is its ability to darken a room and Apollo Blinds has added a new range of blackout blinds to its made-to-measure blinds collection - the BlocOut™ Blind that can achieve higher levels of darkness than ever before.

So why are blackout blinds a must-have for the home?

Mike Stephen from Apollo Blinds highlights how the UK is getting lighter, how darkness aids sleep and the benefits of new BlocOut™ blinds now available at Apollo Blinds.

THE PROBLEM WITH LIGHT - The UK is Getting Lighter And It’s Bad For Our Health

“While the longer periods of natural daylight from spring to autumn can prevent people (especially children) from falling or staying asleep, as a nation our issues with ‘light entering a room’ go beyond the natural light of the sun.  

Artificial light in the UK is getting brighter and more widespread, as revealed by recent images of the Earth taken from space¹. In fact, levels of unnatural light have The future’s bright – thank goodness for Apollo’s NEW blackout blindsreached their highest ever in the UK¹, with some experts suggesting light pollution is a problem on the scale of global warming.

And it’s easy to see why this is happening: Safety concerns have led us to illuminate our residential areas with street lights and security lights; there are more cars on the road than ever; and we’re becoming a ’24-hour society’ with many shops, gyms, bars and clubs open until the early hours – some never closing. 

The future is bright – but there’s a dark side to our well-lit world.  This ‘perpetual daytime’ is having adverse effects on our health as well as well as the natural cycles of animals and plantlife².”

The link between health and sleep is well-documented. Similarly, most people are aware that darkness helps us to fall asleep more quickly as well as improving the quality of sleep. 

Studies suggests that sleeping in a very dark room has health benefits beyond getting enough shut eye. 

Dr Richard Stevens, a leading breast cancer researcher highlights links between some preventable diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity, even cancer and the amount of darkness a person is exposed to at night.³ 

He said: “The point to emphasise is that while sleep is deeply important to wellbeing, so too is exposure at night to dark.” Other research has shown women night-shift workers to be at higher risk of breast cancer.

Darkness produces the sleep hormone melatonin that is responsible for repairing cells, consolidating memories and also keeping tumours in check.

THE SOLUTION - Tips to Banish Light from Bedrooms

Introduce NEW BlocOut™ blinds from Apollo Blinds

While standard blackout blinds can significantly darken a room, light can still sneak in around spaces at the edges and bottom of the blind. Apollo’s new BlocOut™ blinds combine a superior quality blackout fabric with a frame (precision engineered side rails and a bottom bar) that the blinds slot into.  This ensures the window is fully covered with nowhere for the light to enter.

Ban electronics - Smartphones and tablets emit blue light the worst kind for interrupting circadian rhythms. Give yourself an hour of tech-free time before bed and forbid them from the bedroom.

Invest in a red light - The eyes are less sensitive to red light so fit one to a bedside lamp to limit the effects of light if getting out of bed in the night.

More about BlocOut™ Blinds

BlocOut™ blinds are cordless and child-safe.  A highly innovative roller blind system, which combines an aluminium cassette/frame with precision engineered side-rails and top-quality blackout roller blind fabric will provide homes with an unmatched level of darkness.

Independently thermally tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) BlocOut™ blinds are also proven to save up to 43% on average heating costs by reducing heat loss through the window. 

Available in a wide range of fabric colours and designs with a choice of three frame colours.

Prices start from £95 for a 400mm wide x 300mm drop blind.

For stockist details and more information about Apollo’s made-to-measure blinds and shutters, visit or call 01924 413 048.



June 7, 2018

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