Hallway or corridor issues? Azalée has the answers…

EXPERTS from the contemporary, luxury online store Azalée are offering advice this month (2018) on how to better utilise a corridor, hallway or narrow space in your home.

Azalée says organisation is the key and that there are a few clever design techniques, which can help you achieve the results you require.

All too often a corridor or hallway can become overrun with debris and used to store everything from bicycles to shopping bags, which means they can become an eyesore.

Spend an hour or so getting your problem area sorted and under control. It’s amazing how quickly a poorly used space can become a dream area, but you do need to put some time and thought into it.

If you’re in need of storage to get items off the floor, then think about how you can make better use of the walls without giving your space an even narrower vibe.

By running lengths of peg rails along the walls, you can create clever storage solutions and hang up not just coats and hats, but, also, bags and gardening equipment, such as small watering cans, brushes and trowels. 

So, if the area in question leads to the outside and often becomes an untidy, dumping ground for your garden gubbins, this could solve the problem perfectly.Hallway or corridor issues? Azalée has the answers…

You could also add a run of overhead shelving above or around head height, again depending on the width of the space, to store boxes and baskets and keep shoes and bits and bobs off the floor.

Clever painting techniques can help make a narrow corridor or hallway seem bigger. Use a lighter colour at the top of the wall and halfway down, where a traditional dado rail might have gone, change to another colour. But always with small rooms, use light coloured paints and furniture, to help give an illusion of more space.

Once it’s all done, you’re going to have to be disciplined and keep the clutter under control. Make sure there’s a place for everything and everything goes back in its proper place after use.

For more information about Azalée, which offers a national mail order service, please call 01483 890202, email hello@azaleeinteriors.co.uk or visit www.azaleeinteriors.co.uk.


October 2, 2018

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