Revealed: How to make your bedroom desirable and inspirational when your house goes on the market

Putting your house on the market is a big step, and to ensure the best possible outcome, homeowners need to consider every room in the house and take the time to make each one special and unique. The bedroom can often be overlooked, but it is in fact, one of the most important locations in the home. Potential buyers like to visualise their new surroundings, and get an idea of what their future home might look like.  Making the bedroom memorable will contribute to a quick, hassle-free sale of the house.

Jonathan Warren, director at online bed specialist, Time 4 Sleep, has shared his top tips on the importance of the bedroom, and how to improve the look and feel of the room, to impress guests.

Dress the bed

Give your bed personality; scatter cushions, throws and blankets are all great ways to add character to your bedroom. As the centrepiece of the room, your bed should be eye-catching and deluxe, giving the room a unique feel.  Ensure the bed looks ‘photo ready’; is it the type of bed you’d like to see when looking at potential properties?

Bed linen – One size doesn’t fit all

A nice trick is to use bed linen that is one size too big; this creates an illusion that the bed is bigger than it is, and makes your bed look luxurious, expensive and beautiful.  The bed is the first piece of furniture that buyers will notice, so it’s important that it looks extravagant.

Furniture positioning

Position your bed so it’s the focal point of the room. This has an impact on a buyer’s perception of a room; consider walkways and access to wardrobes, windows and ensuite bathrooms. The bedroom should look good but also be practical and accessible too.

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Keep the room simple

Remove any clutter and store personal belongings away.  It’s essential that you show off the space and potential of the bedroom, so buyers can recreate the space in their own mind without any distractions.  Every item in the room should have a place and purpose.

A relaxing retreat

Bedrooms are a place to relax and unwind after a long day. Choose relaxing, calming colours such as blues or earthy tones. Small touches including candles, or fresh flowers and ornaments are nice little additions, and will make all the difference to a potential buyers’ first visit.

Emma Peake, estate agent at YOPA added her thoughts: “When it comes to the bedroom, adding a couple of simple touches that can create stunning photographs is key.

“Think about the kinds of images you are drawn to in home magazines. Plump cushions and decorative pillows on the bed, as well as a crease-free duvet are a simple place to start.

“The most important recommendation is to make the bedroom a calming space. It’s a place people want to relax in, so keep the colours muted and avoid garish patterns. If it’s summer, throw open the windows to keep it cool, and do the opposite in winter to showcase how cosy the room is.”

Kelly Harrison, marketing assistant at London estate agent, JOHNS&CO added: “If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bedroom is the sanctuary!

“Naturally everyone’s sanctuary looks a little different, so when selling your home try and keep clutter to a minimum, and make sure your bedroom is as neutral as possible, making it easier for potential buyers to imagine it as their own personal hideaway.”


January 19, 2018

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