Best Of Both Worlds Is Back On Channel 4 & Property Expert Lucy Alexander Is Taking The Helm



Are you looking to move out of the urban jungle to the quiet of countryside? Or have you had your fill of the countryside and looking for a slice of city action?
What if you could find somewhere that gives you the perfect mix of city and country living?
We are searching for house-hunters to take part in a new daytime CHANNEL 4 Series.


Filming begins in September 2016, with property expert Lucy Alexander helping house-hunters from across the UK. The programme is the perfect opportunity for people who want to a change of lifestyle, whether it’s taking the plunge and leaving the city limits behind in favour of relocation to a leafier lifestyle or upping sticks and from the quiet countryside to somewhere more urban. With Lucy’s extensive experience, this will be a chance to find a new home that gives the benefits of city and country alike.Best Of Both Worlds Is Back On Channel 4 & Property Expert Lucy Alexander Is Taking The Helm
So if you want village pubs and country walks whilst your partner wants to be close to trendy bars and bright nightlife, then this could be the move for you. Maybe after years of city living it’s time to try village life but you don’t want to turn your back on the urban sprawl? Or perhaps work is taking you away from your beloved countryside and you want to take some of it with you on your move?


Whether you’re looking for a family home, moving out of the city or relocating for a new job, our team will be on hand to help you find the perfect place.
If you would like to know more about getting the chance for our property expert, Lucy Alexander, to help you find your dream home in a location that will give you the lifestyle you have always wanted – then Raise the Roof Productions would love to hear from you.


Send an email to or call 0141 427 5880 and tell us all about yourselves, the home you want and the lifestyle you are looking for.
On receipt of your email a member of the team will be in touch to tell you more about the possibility of taking part in the series.


Raise the Roof Productions will process your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy. Applicants should also be aware that expressions of interest are not a guarantee of taking part


March 2, 2017

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