Bring Spring To Your Garden With These Helpful Tips

With the end of the colder months in sight and spring fast approaching Barratt Homes’ has collaborated with the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), to provide a wealth of useful tips that are sure to help Merseyside homeowners tidy up their garden in no time. 

During the winter it can be hard to feel motivated to tend to your garden, but spring is the perfect time to give your green spaces a little TLC in readiness for the warmer weather. 

Michaela Lancaster, Sales Director at Barratt Homes Manchester, said: “The idea of gardening can seem like a bit of a chore, especially if you’re a busy family short on time.

“With our useful guide and expertise from BALI however, homeowners with no time to spare will find it easier than ever to make a start and a little bit of time now will ensure you reap the rewards later in the year.” 

Barratt Homes and BALI’s top tips include:

Spring cleaning

Owen Baker, Spokesperson for BALI, said: “It’s time to get ready to give your garden a little spring clean and mowing and weeding now can make all the difference to brightening up your garden, whilst making it easier to keep on top of later on.”

Weeding can be controlled with preventative measures, such as mulching. Use deep organic mulches to smother weeds around plants and keep it topped to a minimum depth of two to three inches.  

When mowing, BALI suggests starting on a higher setting to set the process in motion and remove any grass cuttings, which will bring your garden back to life in no time. 

Potted plants offer a quick fix

If you have a smaller green space that needs livening up, potted plants provide an immediate impact to your garden. Bring Spring To Your Garden With These Helpful Tips

Planting a few bulbs in a border adds an instant splash of colour to your garden and offers you the option to grow almost anything in them.

Terracotta pots absorb water, so will dry out the plant quicker. Line the pots with a plastic or an empty compost bag with holes punched in the bottom to allow the flowers to stay moist for longer.  

What to grow to put on a show

Homeowners looking to plant something this spring should opt for annual plants, which have a life cycle of a year. These are great for any time of year as the flowers are easy to grow and within 12 weeks of warm conditions, they will be budding in no time. 

Owen continued: “Whilst growing any plants, make sure to check for signs of pest and diseases and treat appropriately. An example of a wildlife safe solution is organic pesticides, such as garlic based products which are effective for controlling and repelling pests.”

Grand designs for your garden

If you have leftover or spare fairy lights from Christmas, one way to light up your garden is to place them around fences or over windowsills. During warmer months, this will create a calming ambience when enjoying a meal and a drink outside in the evening, especially for those who want to invite guests over. 

For maintaining a sleek garden design, Owen suggests: “For homeowners with features in their garden already, a simple way to get the ball rolling is to tidy any ponds and water features by removing any debris and checking pumps, lightings and filters.

“By using these quick and easy tips homeowners are sure to be excited for spring and be garden-ready!”

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April 25, 2019

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