British Families Go Alfresco

IT’S BEEN A summer of alfresco dining for families, as new research has revealed that Brits have eaten in their garden more than they have at their dining table so far this summer. 

A survey of 1,003 UK adults carried out by interiors etailer,, found Brits have eaten in their garden 5.5 times on average per week, compared to just 3.1 times per week at the dining table since the beginning of May 2018.

The survey quizzed respondents on how many times they have enjoyed alfresco dining as a family this summer, and the overwhelming majority (78%) said they have done it this year more than ever before.

More than 1 in 3 (36%) said they have investing in outdoor dining furniture as they didn’t have any before, while a further 27% have upgraded their old garden furniture. 

Of those who don’t own garden furniture, 16% said they have took to laying a blanket on the ground in a bid to enjoy the light nights and warmer temperatures. 

The data also found British households have enjoyed 11.3 barbeques so far this year, on average.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said: “It’s really quite wonderful to see how many families have British Families Go Alfrescoembraced alfresco dining this summer, and chose to spend time as a family in their gardens of an evening rather than stay indoors.

“The unpredictable British summer usually means we can’t plan for barbeques or eating outside, but this year the heatwave has meant Britons have made the most of their outdoor spaces and utilised the garden as a separate room.”

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September 27, 2018

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