How to create Còsagach in your home

Last year we were obsessed with Hygge, the feeling of contentment derived from Denmark. But times change and this year it is all about Còsagach - an old Scottish word for feeling snug, sheltered and warm, inspired by cosy boltholes and small spaces.

Identified as a top lifestyle trend for 2018*, it’s one we now need to embrace as our Summer draws to a close and Autumn arrives.

So here are five tips from Elle Shenton, product designer for Silentnight bedlinen and accessories, on how to achieve Còsagach in your home.

1) Crank up the heating

Don’t be shy, it’s time to get the heating on - and if you have the option to have a real fire or wood burning stove, then huddle around it. This is about smaller spaces and keeping them warm, so embrace the heat and turn it up in one room, forget the rest.

2) Add texture

Throws on the sofas, on the beds and in baskets are key, so that people can curl up and snuggle. Contemporary throw ranges include waffle and thick cord fabrics to provide a variety of textures, offering extra comfort and cosiness.How to create Còsagach in your home

3) Consider rugs

Not everyone has carpets - but in the colder months, the feeling of softness under your feet is really important. This is not about heat but comfort, particularly in the bedroom, so if you have wooden floors, consider a cost effective rug that you can stash in the loft come Spring. 

4) Change your bedding 

Crisp cotton is one thing, but as winter approaches, why not try some fleece bedding sets - they are really luxurious and feel so warm and inviting. It’s literally like sleeping inside a giant fleece!

5) Desire the dark
This is not about hibernating, but is definitely about nesting, laying low and welcoming the winter months - so turn down the lights, embrace darker colours and settle in to a feeling of Còsagach as the nights draw in.


November 14, 2018

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