Finding The Balance In Children’s Bedroom Décor

Children's bedroom decor - They want Disney – You Want Longevity… Here’s what the experts say!  

Life’s often a compromise – and most parents agree that parenthood involves a LOT of negotiation (some would say bribery!)

This is frequently the case when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom. They see the latest Emojis or Disney characters emblazoned on a duvet and mum or dad’s heart sinks.   

Adults want a clean, organised and coordinated bedroom that aids restful sleep.

Kids are all about the fun with a kaleidoscope of clashing colours and all their favourite characters thrown in for good measure.

So how do you solve the children’s bedroom interior design dilemma?

Experts at three leading home interest brands share their thoughts on how to please EVERYONE and how to create a bedroom that will see tots to through to teens. 

Interiors Expert, Lorna McAleer from window blinds brand Style Studio says:

“Finding a middle ground between how children want their rooms decorated and something that will see them through to tween years can be a balancing act – and constantly redecorating and replacing children’s interiors is an expensive business too. By the time they reach 11, it’s predicted that most pre-teen’s rooms will have been redecorated three times according to their changing tastes and needs as they grow. 

“In consumer research we carried out, duvet covers are found to be the most replaced item most frequently, lasting on average a couple of years, followed by rugs, curtain or blinds and then wall art. Wardrobes are the item least often changed in a children’s room. And most parents cited ‘characters’ as their least favourite thing about their children’s room decor, followed by ‘stuffed toys’ and ‘gaudy colours’.”

“But it is easy to combine practicality with personality, as well as creating a room everyone will love for years.”  Finding The Balance In Children’s Bedroom Décor

Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at talks choosing wallpaper to last:

“Designing a room for a child is one of the most exciting projects to undertake when updating homes,” says Alex. “It’s a place to have fun and let the imagination run wild, but that doesn’t have to mean tasteless. 

“To indulge their latest obsession without going overboard, incorporate a feature wall. It’s much more economical to cover/recover just one wall and will keep the busy decor to a minimum.  

“Self-adhesive borders are another great way of introducing a theme without it looking tacky (even if the sticky side feels it!) Borders are a semi-permanent update, there’s no need for messy pasting and they’re quick/easy to remove! 

“Another tip is to choose patterns that a child won’t outgrow. Stripes are a great choice; they’re suitable for any age and can be easily updated with accessories without the need to redecorate the entire space.  They’re also gender neutral for siblings sharing.

“Chevrons are another on-trend and adaptable pattern that will last for years.”

Extend the life of kids’ carpets with a rug. Comment from Daniel Prendergast, Design Director at The Rug Seller

“Little ones spend a lot of time playing on the floor and with spillages a certainty (think glitter, make-up, slime, crayons and a whole host of hard to remove stain-makers) when it comes to their bedrooms, rugs are a must-have to protect carpets. 

“A rug is an economical way of extending the life of children’s carpets, which can cost hundreds of pounds to replace. 

“Luckily our children’s ranges are amongst the most affordable, so they can be switched easily without breaking the bank. 

“I’d advise to throw in some colour and make a design statement with a rug in a child’s room. 

“Make the most of floor space with a multifunctional rug that encourages imaginative play, Be it a town scene with roads to drive toy cars along, a pirate’s map to explore and search for buried treasure or a giant game of snakes and ladders these comfy rugs combine as playmats, some are washable for extra hygiene.”

Style Studio’s interiors expert Lorna McAleer on window blinds that look great and aid sleep!

“Where a child’s room should be stimulating and celebrate their individuality, it also needs to have practical features to support a good night’s sleep. Blinds are one such feature and blackout blinds are a great choice for kids’ rooms. 

“Similarly, Style Studio’s revolutionary Hive® blinds are made with an insulating honeycomb structure that blocks or retains heat (depending on the temperature outside) and ensures an ambient temperature within the room – very important for children’s sleep. 

“There are blackout options on many fabrics to ensure the little ones can drift off to sleep easily, even during the lighter evenings.

“By choosing plain, neutral coloured or non-age specific blinds, you can change the décor without having to update blinds – which makes them a good investment from the start.  

“It’s possible to introduce brightly coloured blinds that we know kids will love without a room looking garish, keep walls white or mix in some mellow shades (like sage green) throughout the room as a compromise.”

April 5, 2018

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