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Living in an urban area with green spaces has a long-lasting, positive impact on mental well-being, according to the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. Meanwhile, researchers have estimated that outdoor exercise leads to £2.2bn of health benefits for adults in England every year.

However, the Green Space Index by Fields in Trust shows that 2.6 million live more than a 10-minute walk from the nearest green space area. Not only that, but the average amount of green space per person works out to just over 35 square metres.

Thankfully for Londoners, lifestyle-led rental brand Tipi is turning all that on its head. The company's Emerald Gardens apartments are built around nearly an acre of green space for residents' private enjoyment.

The podium gardens at Landsby, meanwhile, feature newly planted and mature trees, providing residents with a picturesque outdoor space in which to relax.

Trees also line the boulevards of the wider Wembley Park site, meaning that even those dashing for the Tube can enjoy greenery as they do so. The importance of nature is so important in the wider site design that even the latest Tipi building's name has a natural connection - Alameda, meaning tree-lined walk in Spanish. Tipi city apartments

And there's plenty more to come at Wembley Park. A seven-acre park has been designed to provide both residents and visitors with superb access to greenery when it officially opens in 2020.

Tipi's future development, Canada Gardens, will focus on nature, biophilic design and outdoor living. Due for completion in 2020, Canada Gardens will feature 10,000 sqm of green space and outdoor facilities including a life-sized pirate ship for children and families to enjoy, allotment gardens and greenhouses, sheds to hire, water features, BBQ areas and a dog-walking area. The homes will also offer stunning views of the new seven-acre park.

Millions of people in the UK are missing out on access to such greenery. Tipi is showing that there is a different way, even in the midst of London.


June 27, 2019

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