Climate Control Blinds for EVERY Room

Duette® energy saving blinds are not only energy efficient – preventing heat loss at windows by up to 46% – additional benefits mean that they’re ideal for every room in the house.

And fitting Duette® blinds throughout the home can add up to some significant savings (up to 25%) on an annual heating bills too. 

In The Kitchen

Blinds tend to be the practical window treatment of choice when it comes to kitchens, and Duette® blinds are humidity resistant as well as probably one of the easiest to clean blinds on the market.

Where kitchens feature large glass expanses or doors out to the garden (often south facing) during summer months the honeycomb structure combined with an innovative coating on the blind fabric mean they reflect as much as 78% of external heat; in winter heat loss is reduced by as much as 46% keeping kitchens at an ideal climate all year round. 

Create a bespoke look for rooms by choosing a ‘top-down/bottom-up’ action for Duette® blinds. This allows light in at the top of a window, rather than being limited to just raising the blind up. 

Duette® blinds are a popular and practical choice for rooms with bi and tri-fold doors as they can also be fitted within the door frame, rather than the recess of the door area, so when doors are open and in a concertina format the blind remains attached to the door.

And for those that like a hi-tech kitchen, Duette® can be operated with a PowerView® Motorisation system that allows multiple blinds to be operated via a smart phone, tablet or by voice control when linked to a smart speaker/home automation system. 

In the Bathroom

Heat efficiency and moisture resistant properties again make Duette® blinds an ideal choice for the bathroom.

Duette® blinds offer great light control for skylight and rooflight windows. These windows are often difficult to reach but with Duette® Blinds PowerView® Motorisation system blinds in hard to reach places can be operated via a smart phone/tablet, remote control and voice control. 

Top down, bottom up functionality allows the blind to be pulled from either end, allowing light into the room whilst maintaining privacy.

Duette® blinds can be fitted with an innovative LiteRise® window blind operating system. Simple to use, the blind height can be adjusted with just one hand by gently lifting or lowering to the right position.

In the Living Room

Whether fitted in a cosy living room or open plan living space, Duette® blinds provide the perfect solution because they combine style with energy saving properties.Climate Control Blinds for EVERY Room

Made-to-measure to all shapes and sizes, they are ideal for both traditional sash windows – to stop draughts – as well as modern glass expanses and bi-fold doors. 

The UV-stopping qualities of Duette® blinds help to protect soft furnishing or wood furniture from fading.  Because they cut the sun’s glare by up to 99%, it’s also easier to watch TV during the daytime.

Where living room windows are difficult to reach, tucked behind a sofa or other furniture, the Duette® Blinds PowerView® Motorisation system allows blinds to be simply operated via an app on a smart phone/tablet, remote control or voice control.

Duette® Blinds don’t collect dust. The Duette® Blinds fabric is 100% antistatic spun bonded polyester leaving them able to repel dust, moisture and dirt. They’re easy to clean and stay in pristine condition longer than other types of blind.

Duette® blinds are available in more than 300 colour, texture and transparency options for the perfect blind to complement existing colour schemes and all styles of decoration.

In the Bedroom

Duette® energy saving blinds will ensure a bedroom is nice and cosy in the cold winter months while in the summer they will help the bedroom to stay cool for enhanced sleep.

Duette® blinds create a quieter home improving the sound acoustics of the bedroom and reducing external noise. Their unique honeycomb structure absorbs absorbing up to 45% of sound. They have been tested by professionals and are recommended by acousticians.

All Duette® blinds come with a blackout option which completely blocks sunlight from coming into the room and disrupting sleep. There’s also an option to have two transparencies fitted in to the same window creating a unique look and feel, as well as total flexibility, allowing light into the bedroom while privacy is still maintained.

Duette® blinds have the added benefit of helping with ‘climate control’, the insulating honeycomb design keeps rooms at a comfortable and consistent temperature. 

Duette® energy saving blinds are available from Visit the website to arrange a design consultation or order a brochure. Prices start at around £150 for a H60cm x W40cm blind. 
May 23, 2018

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