How to decorate your home with soft furnishings on a budget for Summer

Wallpaper and paint can help to create a beautiful space, but it’s soft furnishings that make a house a home. Adding fragrance such as scented candles are a wonderful way of making your home feel cosy or more intimate.  In addition to fragrances, rugs and cushions in a variety of textures and colours add the finishing touches to your home and complement your space adding comfort and luxury. Picking the right soft furnishings for your home can be surprisingly simple with my top tips: 

Incorporate personality

How to decorate your home with soft furnishings on a budget for SummerCommitting to coloured paint or wallpaper can be daunting, but cushions and throws are the ideal way to experiment with adventurous colour schemes and prints. Add a few cushions or throws to bring to life a neutral room and ensure that each piece enhances the feel and tone of the space.. 

Add comfort and warmth to cold spaces

Candles add warmth and atmosphere but remember to select good quality candles that burn evenly so that the scent throw is optimized without any nasty sooty smells.  Diffusers are perfect for rooms where you want a constant but subtle fragrance – perfect for cloakrooms and bathrooms. Room sprays deliver an instant hit of fragrance and are ideal for setting an atmosphere before a party or when a room needs refreshing. 

Update soft furnishings with the seasons

A simple and affordable way to give your home a seasonal update, without undergoing a complete decoration overhaul, is by changing the cushions, throws, rugs and How to decorate your home with soft furnishings on a budget for Summeradding a beautiful vase of seasonal flowers.   Quite often it’s the smallest details that your guests will notice, and this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

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June 12, 2018

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