Families take on the housework equality challenge in Indesit’s ‘the big family switch up’ web series

As part of Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign, the brand will be introducing consumers to four real families who aim to change their habits and share the household tasks equally. Launching this May, ‘The Big Family Switch Up’ is a new web series, presented by Giovanna Fletcher, that takes a light hearted look at a serious social challenge: Today, on average, female partners spend twice as much time on housework than men do – a situation that’s far too often ignored. But now four UK families are taking on the equality challenge to swap roles for a week to achieve more collaboration in taking on the daily chores and to #DoItTogether.


‘The Big Family Switch Up’ is an original four-part web series that will appear on Indesit’s own channel. The series will follow a number of real families that have accepted the challenge to swap their normal household chores for a week. During the course of the experiment, consumers get to see as they learn more about each other and also realise how sharing chores means they can also share more quality time together. Throughout this summer, a short teaser film with Giovanna Fletcher introducing the challenge will also feature in the company’s social media and online marketing activity.giovanna fletcher and the mansfield family


TV personality, author, and blogger, Giovanna Fletcher, who will be presenting the show said: “This brilliantly simple concept really made me take a look at my own life and I think that’s part of the appeal. By saying some jobs are for men or for women we all get stuck living in ways that aren’t necessarily what we’d choose or most enjoy.”


Meet the UK’s first two families:

The first two episodes of ‘The Big Family Switch Up’ will introduce two families, the Johnsons and the Mansfields.


Roy, Michelle, and kids Oliver and Libby Johnson, have a rather traditional take on family life, with Roy commuting to work and Michelle taking on 80 per cent of the jobs in the home. Author, TV personality and blogger, Giovanna Fletcher, meets the couple as they swap roles in the home. Roy learns how much Michelle does in the home, while she enjoys much more quality time with the kids. 


Also taking on the challenge are the Mansfields from Kent and their three daughters. Mum Alayna has been responsible for all indoor household tasks like cooking or doing the laundry, while Nick has typically tackled the jobs outside. During the series they switch roles. As well as changing her very first light bulb, Alayna sets to work emptying the bins, vacuuming the car and tidying the garden, while builder Nick learns a love of cooking, does the laundry and giovanna fletcher and the mansfield familylearns the intricacies of the school run.


The web series will air from 9th May 2017.


Indesit invites you to #DoItTogether

The new web series is part of #DoItTogether, an exciting 2017 campaign from Indesit that seeks to raise awareness of the gender imbalance in housework. The project aims to start conversations and get people thinking about how they can make a positive change in their own lives. Alongside ‘The Big Family Switch Up’, Indesit will launch an ambitious social survey that invites members of the public to assess how well their own family shares tasks. 


“Our #DoItTogether campaign has been raising awareness about gender equality and gets people talking about how they think about housework.” said Ian Moverley, Brand Communications Director. “Daily chores are an important and necessary part of daily life, but they can be time-consuming and involve a huge amount of uncelebrated labour that is more often shouldered by women. We are very excited to be working to start real world conversations about this subject, and are doing so by starting with real modern families who are setting a positive example in a purposeful way. This is very much a celebration of everyday life as well as an exploration of how we can make things easier.”


Watch, enjoy, and try it yourself 

Indesit is inviting people to visit https://www.youtube.com/user/Indesitbrand to watch and enjoy the stories, and subscribe for the the next two films in the series, which are coming soon. If you’re keen to know more about how you can Switch Up your own life, you can also take a special #DoItTogether questionnaire on the Indesit Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Indesit)  and learn how you can get involved in the experiment. 


For more information on the Indesit appliances, contact your account manager, or visit the website at www.indesit.co.uk.


May 9, 2017

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