Get festive with Bloc Blinds unique swappable Christmas blinds

For those looking for an interesting way to accessorise their home this year, why not opt for one of Bloc Blinds special swappable roller blind systems? This clever invention has elevated the humble roller blind to the latest way to keep up with trends and key calendar dates as the company’s unique Fabric Changer system empowers homeowners everywhere to be bang-up-to-date by simply hooking-on and hooking-off patterns in line with the season.

What’s more, Bloc Blinds has a host of special Christmas Blind fabric patterns to choose from, everything from snowflakes to snowmen, and swapping festive patterns takes a matter of minutes. This concept is perfect for guest rooms which can be transformed instantly to welcome friends or family. The company also offers a special ‘Print Your Own Blind’ option too, so why not create your very own window Christmas card by uploading an image at 300DPI to their website (available on blackout or dim out fabrics only). home blinds

The clever designers at Bloc have created a shopping QR code that is unique to each customer remembering those exact window measurements so you can simply select a new pattern without any hassle or fuss. By offering swappable fabric options, this means that the life of each roller blind is also extended, saving unnecessary hardware components from going to landfill, so a sustainable invention too. All of Bloc’s products are manufactured in the UK, and use high quality components combined with innovation to create these special new products. The Fabric Changer was recently awarded ‘Best new Product’ by the British Blinds & Shutter Association for its well thought through design concept.

All Bloc Blinds are completely made to measure and feature an easy installation system, and are child safe by design. Chains and cords are kept tidy with a special P-Clip tensioning system, and the BlocOut™ system, which is also great to help reduce draughts in the home during colder months also features a cordless design.  As a final bonus Bloc also offers a special Measure Protect™ service to customers which  guarantees the perfect fit for every blind. For an extra 10%, the company will insure against any measuring mistakes. Get your Christmas Blinds today at:

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November 20, 2018

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