Install and control your home security the ‘smart’ way

We’re now well and truly in the run up to Christmas, and odds are you’re planning a trip away and more nights out at festive parties. 

With the ONS reporting a rise in burglary related offences to over 666,000 this year, it’s incredibly important that you’re also thinking about how to keep your home safe while you’re out enjoying the festive period. 

There are so many clever ways to keep your home safe these days, and with a little technical know-how, you can easily create your own home security solution. At reichelt, we’ve been using our own basic smart home security starter kit as the first point of defence against intruders in our homes. A good starter kit generally consists of a central unit with a siren, motion detectors and a radio opening detector. Here are some top tips on the quickest way install a smart security starter kit, ensuring protection on your home:
Installing the kit

Select and install a control unit, for example the Smartvest Wireless Alarm System, in a central location such as the hallway so it can easily link to all other components in your home. The more central the better. 

Install a motion detector in the hallway, placing it so the entrance door is at its 105-degree angle of detection. This will keep the route to all other rooms monitored, Install and control your home security the ‘smart’ waymaking sure intruders are sensed if they get in and move between rooms.

Finally, make sure you attach the opening detector to the door or window where a break-in attempt is most likely, such as a patio door or the front door of an apartment, so you’re keeping watch of your weakest security point.

Now set up all components using the kit’s smart home security app and follow the installation instructions to set up your alarm system.

Extra components

You should also consider whether you want to use any additional components which can provide even greater security to your home. An outdoor spotlight with motion detector can bathe your terrace in bright light as soon as someone is there so they’ll think again before going further. 

A safety alarm handle can also ensure that unauthorised opening of doors and windows does not go unnoticed. These handles have a built-in siren that sounds an alarm when the handle is raised or shaken with clearly visible LED lamps signalling to burglars that an alarm system is guarding the house.

However, you should make sure any additional components are compatible with your smart home security app, so they can all be controlled easily with your smartphone. Your smart home will give you the best peace of mind when everything works together.

Building your own smart home security system is a great way to keep an eye on your home without needing to be there physically, so be smart this Christmas and don’t leave your home unprotected. Just make sure it’s off before Santa arrives. 

Article by : Thomas Kruse, product manager for smart home technology, reichelt


November 28, 2018

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