69% Of Buyers Can't Resist The Draw Of No DIY & A Blank Canvas

Three quarters of home seekers would consider a new build home in a new survey for the Home Builders Federation shows. 

The energy efficiency of new homes, not having to carry out DIY or spend thousands on renovations were cited as the most attractive features for buyers alongside the opportunity to unleash their inner interior designer onto untouched, neutral interiors.

This year, New Homes Week which is supported by Barratt Homes North Thames takes place from May 13th to May 17th and is dedicated to the numerous benefits of buying new and provides valuable information to those weighing up their home buying options. 

Whilst energy efficiency was named as the number one benefit of buying new, with 38% of respondents stating that would be a key reason to buy a new build home, being free from DIY chores (35%) and acquiring a complete blank canvas were earmarked as being almost equally important (34%).
The research also highlighted the aspirations of non-home owners, with two in three admitting that they would love to own their own home.  This figure rose to 78% amongst 18-24-year-olds and 83% amongst 25-34-year-olds. 

With the average-spend on home improvements coming in at £13,472, it’s no wonder that new build homes are so appealing.  This includes decorating, which easily accounts for the highest expenditure among home New build homes - buyers cannot resist draw of no DIYowners with 68% feeling the need to brighten things up, closely followed by costly kitchen and bathroom renovations (43%). 

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the Home Builders Federation said; “New Homes offer huge benefits for buyers, something consumers are increasingly becoming aware of.

“New homes are energy efficient, saving buyers hundreds a year in running costs and there is no need to spend thousands upgrading a home with brand new fixtures and fittings throughout.

“If practical reassurances are what you are seeking, then buying new is a great way to assure peace of mind.”

The list of guarantees with a new build property is vast with all new homes benefiting from a 10-year warranty. With modern heating systems and construction, nothing can compete with their energy efficiency. 

Compared to the uncertainty that comes with buying an older home, the ease of buying a new build and the availability of Help to Buy is also incredibly appealing.  

Glenn Copper, Sales Director at Barratt Homes North Thames, said, “It’s fantastic that more and more people are being drawn in by the benefits of buy a new build property.

“It’s understandable that buyers in 2019 want a moving process and a home that will cause them as little stress as possible, not to mention a home that they can make their own.

“We have developments across Bedfordshire and a range of houses that suit a number of different buyers, including first time buyers and those looking to move up the property ladder.”

Barratt Homes are currently building homes in Bedfordshire at the following developments: Marston Fields in Marston Moretaine and Clipstone Park in Leighton Buzzard. 

For more information please visit www.barratthomes.co.uk or call the sales number on 0333 355 8500.


May 15, 2019

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