Keep The Noise Down With Roof Maker

It is a common misconception that adding a roof light will increase the external noise which enters the property, however, adding roof lights into your home doesn’t have to mean a compromise on peace. One way to ensure your rooflight will minimise sound from the outside world is to choose a triple glazed model, the additional layer of glass provides an extra barrier from the busy road outside, or even aircraft noise from above!

British roof light company, Roof Maker offer triple glazing as standard. This means that you don’t need to opt for an expensive upgrade or add-on to achieve adequate enough glazing to help with noise pollution.

Whilst opting for triple glazing can reduce outside noise, there are additional measures that can help further. For ultimate noise control, choose a rooflight that utilises acoustic control techniques - this could include adding lamination or wider cavities into the glazing.

Reflect Acoustic Performance is a specialist glass, designed specifically to combat noise pollution. It does this by using laminated panes that are slightly thicker and spaced further apart than those typically used. This type of specialist glass is available for many different styles of Roof Maker rooflights, and when combined with triple glazing provides the ultimate protection from noise. 
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January 28, 2019

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