Property Priorities: New homeowners will kip on the floor for a month

·         For 57% of homemovers, the kettle is the first item that is unpacked
·         Over half (57%) of new homeowners set up the Wi-Fi router within 24 hours
·         A third (32%) of homemovers will live without a wardrobe for a fortnight or more
One in twelve (8%) UK homeowners admit they slept on the floor for a month or more after moving into their new home, according to a new study by UK housebuilder Redrow.
The research, which polled almost 2,000 homeowners, looked into how we approach the challenge of setting up home and asked questions about priorities and unpacking that all important first box.
After getting the kettle on, which more than half (58%) of homemovers do first, setting up the TV and getting online were the main priorities for moving day. Almost two-thirds (65%) connected their TV in the first 24 hours, and a similar percentage (57%) set up their Wi-Fi router during this timeframe too.
Dressing our homes was also revealed to be high on our list of ‘things to do’, with four in ten movers setting out cushions and candles within the first seven days, and pictures commonly hung on walls within a week too (34%).
In contrast, one in seven (13%) said they managed without a washing machine for two weeks or more, and over half (63%) waited a week or more to get the dishwasher installed.
Often considered the ‘heart of the home’, the kitchen is the first room we focus our efforts on getting set up (38%), followed by the main bedroom (29%).
Our new home habits by location:
·         Nottingham residents are most likely to unpack the kettle, tea and mugs first
·         Dublin residents  are most likely to get the Wi-Fi set up first
·         Cardiff residents are most likely to pop open a bottle of fizz as they step over the threshold!
·         Birmingham residents are most likely to 'dress' their home with candles, cushions etc. first
·         Belfast residents are most likely to unpack toiletries first
·         Bristol residents like to unpack the main bedroom  first
·         Norwich residents like to unpack the kitchen first
·         Edinburgh residents take a week to unpack everything on average
·         Liverpool residents take up to two weeks to unpack everything on average
·         Glasgow residents get the Wi-FI set up as a priority
·         Manchester residents get the TV set up as a priority
·         London residents are most likely to sleep on the floor for a month
·         Sheffield residents are most likely to live without a wardrobe up a fortnight or longer

Discussing the findings, Dr James Jackson, lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Trinity University, said: “Moving house is a stressful time and it’s normal to feel anxious during those first few days. Research shows one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to create a relaxing view. A simple way to do this is to treat yourself to a new plant or fresh bunch of flowers when you first move in and display these in a central position in your home. While everything around you may still be in boxes and chaotic, flowers and plants will have a soothing effect and can be a welcome distraction.”
Summarising the findings, Dave Bexon, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Redrow, said: “With peak moving season on the horizon, we thought it would be interesting to find out how new homeowners may be structuring those important first few weeks, and offer them advice on ways to make their move easier.
“We love that for so many people, the main priority is to get the kettle on. This simple act is sure to make your new house feel like a home, and give you a little energy to face the exciting but challenging task of getting everything unpacked and looking just the way you imagined.”

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April 5, 2017

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