Smart Technology For The Bathroom

Ivory Egg, specialists in KNX intelligent building technology and complementary solutions, highlighting smart technology for the bathroom with Gira UK intelligent build solutions.

Gira Control 19 Display: a touch screen PC for controlling the KNX installation via the Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer. The Gira Control 19 Client 2 is operated using a large, brilliant display with a screen diagonal of 47 cm (18.5"), which clearly and concisely illustrates many of the building technology functions via the Gira Interface. Features:

Convenient operation of the entire building technology

Remote control via the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer

Large screen diagonal of 47 cm [18.5"]

Includes built-in speaker and microphone

Integrated power supply unit

Direct email display

Connection to the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServerSmart Technology For The Bathroom

Integration into Gira door communication

Simple flush-mounted wall installation

LED backlighting for optimal readability

Individual design of the start screen, background images and operating menu

Gira Homesever: the on-board computer for intelligent buildings. It connects the KNX system's electrical installation to the computer network and the internet, thereby allowing intelligent building technology to be controlled centrally via a large number of control devices, regardless of the user's location. What's more, numerous other technologies can be seamlessly integrated in the building control in this way – for example: door intercoms, cameras, and audio systems, as well as systems from other manufacturers for the bathroom or kitchen or for home entertainment. 

Expanding the KNX system with the Gira HomeServer offers numerous advantages: Occupants don't just enjoy the advantages of mobile technology control, but rather the full Gira experience with maximum convenience, security and energy efficiency. The award-winning Gira Interface makes controlling intelligent technology enjoyable by enabling complex scenarios to be controlled easily – with just one finger. Features:
Simple operation with the Gira Interface

More security in everyday life and dangerous situations

High system flexibility through the client-server model

More convenience thanks to intelligent networking

Improved energy efficiency

KNX System: a control system that was developed to allow products from various manufacturers to work seamlessly together. The system operates on a standardised bus cable with a common language, allowing different products to all work seamlessly together. KNX technology allows complete control of all aspects of home and building control such as: lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, blinds/shutters, security and door communication systems, audio and video, and metering.

Gira Push Sensor 3: the Gira touch sensor 3 allows many intelligent building technology functions to be conveniently controlled at the press of a button: It's possible to switch the light on, dim it, raise or lower blinds, save or call up light scenes, and much more. And in the process, its operation adapts to the occupants' needs. The Gira touch sensor 3 is available in three models: Basis, Komfort and Plus.

Gira Esprit: The Gira Esprit design line offers an extraordinarily diverse range of materials. The clear frame design is combined with selected surface materials of linoleum-plywood, glass, or various metal variants. More than 300 functions that can be installed in the design line offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches, to innovative systems for the automation and central control of the entire electrical installation.

Gira Euro Socket: Different countries, different socket outlets. Despite globalisation, most countries still have their own standards. Gira offers all common standards, e.g. socket outlets with protective contact EURO-US, American socket outlets, and Danish socket outlets with integrated increased contact protection. Socket outlets for international systems are available in various range depths in all Gira design lines.

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