One in five Brits have MOVED OUT of the family home due to the temperature of the house

Nobody likes to be too hot or too cold, but new research has found the true extent of how far Brits are willing to go in a bid to ensure the family home is their perfect temperature.

The research, conducted by Boiler Plan, found that half of Brits (49%) have argued with family members over the temperate of the house - with a staggering 18% admitting to even moving out of the family home due to the cold temperature.

When it comes to the lengths Brits will go to, to control the heating at home, more than one in five (23%) have worn excessive clothing indoors, 15% have carried a hot water bottle around with them and just under one in 10 (9%) have gone to the extreme of feigning an illness to ensure the heating is set to an adequate temperature.

It’s also a battle of the sexes in the thermostat wars, as women are more likely to to argue over the temperature than men. More than half (52%) of women have admitted that arguments have taken place over the temperature, whilst 47% of men have squabbled over the heating.
When it comes to arguments in the home, what to watch on television is the biggest argument causer (28%), household chores and money saving/spending come joint second (28%). The temperature of the home is the third (20%) biggest cause of arguments within the home, above spending too long in the bathroom, lack of privacy and whose turn it is to walk the family dog.

Those aged between 18 and 24 are more likely to be involved in home-based arguments than any other age group. Brits aged between 25 and 34 are the second most likely and 35-44-year-olds are the third most likely to kick up a fuss over what to watch on television and temperature of the home, suggesting we perhaps mellow with age. 

The full list of top argument starters are below; One in five Brits have MOVED OUT of the family home due to the temperature of the house

●        What to watch on television (28%)

●        Spending/saving money (27%)

●        Chores within the home (27%)

●        Temperature of the home (20%)

●        What to have for dinner (17%)

●        Being inconsiderate of other people sleeping (12%)

●        Having to walk the family dog (10%)

●        Lack of privacy (10%)

Commenting on the findings, Ian Henderson, managing director and founder of Boiler Plan, said: “Controlling the temperature in our homes is always something that causes friendly debates among families, so it’s not surprising to find the issue is among the most common causes of arguments.

“However, there are ways of avoiding temperature spats within the home. We recommend taking steps like wearing extra layers and adjusting the temperature of individual radiators in separate rooms to make sure everyone is comfortable.

”Here at Boiler Plan, we know the importance of a homely family residence. We hope our findings will help everyone find compromises and keep cosy whatever the weather.”

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April 11, 2019

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