Cooking for a crowd this Christmas

Playing host to friends and family during the busy festive season can often seem like a joy initially, but a huge dampener on your mood when reality sets in. With a variety of diets and ages to cater for, cooking for a crowd can be hugely overwhelming, but ThermomixÒ has put together top tips to help please even the fussiest of eaters.


Variety is the spice of life 

Make sure your buffet has a selection to pack a punch, and serve up the same dish three ways. Pizza is a go-to for finger food, so make sure there’s one vegetarian, one meat feast, and one with pineapple topping to cause a little controversy! 



There’s always one or two people in a party who have dietary requirements, so be sure not to leave them out. Create miniature vegan bean burgers and try a selection of hummus variations infused with delicious flavours such as roasted red pepper, fragrant garlic or sweet caramelised red onion. cooking for a crowd


The 12 days of Christmas

The trick to a stress-free Christmas is to get ahead of yourself. The freezer is a good friend, and the more you can make before the big event, the easier it will be. Pre-make and freeze your stuffed potato skins or pint-sized calzones, then simply pop them in the oven to heat through before serving. 


Have a fork-ing fabulous Christmas! 

Plastic packaging is experiencing a timely demise as the public has woken up to the damaging impact it has on our environment. Washing up after is truly the worst part of any gathering, so opt for wooden disposable cutlery, make sure paper plates aren’t plastic-coated, or just make the most of your dishwasher! 


Time is golden

cooking for christmasTime with family at Christmas is precious, so don’t waste it by slaving over a hot stove for hours on end preparing mountains of food for guests. Choose recipes which are quick, easy and flavourful, leaving plenty of time to catch up and enjoy a mug of mulled wine with friends. Thermomix’s recipe platform, CookidooÒ, has thousands of recipes available to help you plan the perfect banquet for any festive fun! 

December 18, 2018

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