Top Tips To Get Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas

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With family and friends coming to visit you throughout the festive season, it’s your time to shine and show off your lovely home. For most of us, the Christmas décor inside usually goes up 12 days before Christmas day. But before the star goes up on your tree, it’s time to think about making the outside of your house as festive and as sparkly clean as possible. 

After digging out the Christmas lights and untangling them for what seems like forever, you don’t want the magical aesthetic you’ve worked so hard for to be ruined by a dirty drive being lit up for everyone to see.

Invest in Manchester for returns heading North

Manchester skyline

Manchester, once famous for flat caps and post-industrial decline, has in recent decades reinvented itself. Home to two of the greatest football teams on earth and a significant media and technology sector - Manchester has become Northern England's answer to London, and property values in the city reflect this.

Residential property price growth in Manchester - driven by significant public and private investment, an ongoing lack of housing supply, a significant student population and the return of city centre living - has outperformed the UK average with annual average growth of 4.2%, compared with a UK average of 2.4%.

Half of home movers move less than 10 miles

New build home

The latest research released by home moving company AnyVan.com highlights that half of home movers move less than 10 miles.  

Insight from AnyVan.com analyzed over 18,000 home removal jobs and shows 48% of property moves are less than 10 miles from their current home with just over a quarter of moves (27%) less than 5 miles.  62% of all moves are less than 20 miles with 57% less than 15 miles. The data also gave interesting insight into those moving bigger distances with moves over 20 miles at 38% and 50 miles at 25%.

Homebuilder Enlists Santa's Little Helper To Warn Children About Elf n' Safety

Santa's Little Helper Warns Children About Elf n' Safety

As the Christmas holidays approach, leading developer Barratt and David Wilson Homes has enlisted one of Santa’s little helpers to send out an important message encouraging children to think about elf n’ safety.

Busy Barratt and David Wilson Homes staff are working on new developments across Bedfordshire, many of which have families with children living nearby. With schools closed over Christmas, children are being told to stay away from building sites as they can be bad for their ‘elf’.

Search Is on to Find the Nation's Most Beautiful Home

Kitchen area candidate for the Nation's Most Beautiful Home

The search is on to discover the nation's most beautiful home, as 'Home of the Year' 2019 launches today and is now open for entries.

Homeowners up and down the country are encouraged to enter the awards, organised by aluminium glazing specialist Express Bi-folding Doors. Whether it's a long-term renovation project or a recently acquired new-build, everything from quirky cottages to old fashioned farmhouses and modern mansions will be considered, before a public vote determines the final shortlist.

3 ways to prepare your kitchen for the festive season

kitchen at Christmas

Now that autumn is here, the days are getting darker and the temperatures are dropping, it could only mean one thing: Christmas is coming! There’s no doubt that this is the most wonderful time of the year, with so many events and festivities taking place. And, for some, this means opening their home for dinner parties and gatherings, as well as the big day itself. If it’s the first Christmas you’ll be spending in your new home, you’re bound to want everything to be perfect. So, if you’re planning on being the host with the most this festive period, it’s time to get your kitchen prepared with our top three tips.

The Best Free Apps That Can Find You a Home

New build homes found by using apps

Moving house is always a stressful event, whether you’re buying your first family home or moving with your university friends into a student flat. Whatever your age and wherever you’re moving to, we all need a helping hand when getting from A to B with a million boxes in tow. Of course, the first (and often the hardest) step is finding the perfect home. To make things slightly easier for you, Midland Home Buyers have found the very best free apps that will find you your dream home, so the next chapter of your life can finally start.

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How to be eco-friendly and save money around the home

Eco-friendly solar panels on roof of a house

Creating an eco-friendly home can be as good for your wallet as it is for the environment. Nowadays it can be a  struggle to know what the best solutions are, but The Lighting Superstore has plenty of tips you can do inside your home to boost its eco-friendly credentials while saving you money.


Insulating your home not only reduces heat loss. It creates a more stable temperature eliminating hot and cold spikes and can mean significant savings on your household bills.

How LPG is helping to build affordable housing 

Flogas laying LPG takes underground for affordable housing

With an ongoing governmental drive to significantly boost housing development and the precarious nature of Brexit delivering industrywide uncertainty regarding labour and costs, providing affordable housing in the UK is an issue that appears to be consistently debated and discussed. 

Positive initiatives and efficient processes are needed to help the sector deliver the number of homes that Brits can pay for — which is where LPG energy is proving an attractive asset. Here, we’ll explore how LPG is assisting in the provision of affordable housing for UK buyers and why it’s vital that the sector and government gets behind it if they want to hit targets and meet housing demands. 

Get One Step Ahead Of The Top Home Trends This Autumn

Get One Step Ahead Of The Top Home Trends This Autumn

We’ve all been enjoying the heatwave, but sooner than we think autumn will be upon us and we’ll be settling in front of the fire with a warm mug of hot chocolate. As the bright shades of summer turn to deep autumn tones, it’s time to swap patterned cushions for warm knitted blankets and throws, and add an array of berry-scented candles. The changing of the seasons is also a chance to trade those worn-down blinds for stylish drapes or to take up that tired carpet and replace it with shiny new flooring.