Essential DIY home staging tips

First impressions are important, especially if you’re planning to put your house on the market. Home staging is a technique that can help your chances of securing a decent sale – therefore Airtasker has compiled a list of essential DIY handy tips around this.

In a nutshell, home staging is the process of organising and styling your home to make it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, to sell it for the best price, and as quickly as possible.

We’re not talking massive costly renovations here, just a few simple changes to the presentation could be all it takes. And an effective combination of decluttering and decorating won’t just get your home sold quicker, effective home staging can sometimes even boost value a little.

Professional home stagers are available to hire, but their services can often be pricey. DIY staging is the way forward, especially if you’re looking to save a few pennies.

Take a look at Airtasker’s essential DIY home staging tips:


1. Repair and refresh

Start the staging process by sorting any niggling repairs you have on your list. Sure, buyers will expect your home to look lived in, but nothing should look too worn or tired.

The better shape your home is in, the less staging will be required. Things to check for could be re-grouting bathrooms, fixing fences, leaky taps, replacing broken fixtures and even making sure any blown light bulbs have been replaced.essential DIY tips


2. Depersonalise and declutter

As tough as it is to hear, buyers don’t necessarily want to be faced with multiple family photos and reminders stuck on your fridge. They want to envision themselves living there, and lots of personal stuff can cloud their visions.

‘Depersonalise’ the place by packing up as many personal items as possible. Clutter is a big no-no when you’re trying to sell your home. It can make your place look smaller, and potential buyers may worry about a lack of storage space.

If in doubt, keep it clean, simple and stylish. The same goes for storage – extra space to hide away your formerly-unplaceable items is a godsend, and buyers want to see that space too. Don’t overload your own storage space with clutter – clean it up, or even leave excess items at a friend’s house during the viewing process if necessary.


3. Open up the space

Decluttering your rooms helps to uncover the amount of space you’re working with, but if you’re trying to sell a property with rooms on the smaller side, you’re going to have to think a little harder. Luckily, there are a few cost-effective and easy ways to do that.

For instance, painting walls white can brighten up a room as white reflects all colours. And then there’s mirrors – probably the easiest way of opening up even the most cramped of rooms. You can usually pick up framed mirrors of different sizes from your local charity shop.


4. It’s all about the little touches

Although you want your home to look like a blank-ish canvas so potential buyers can envision themselves there, you definitely don’t want it to look devoid of life. Liven up the place with some indoor plants and flowers.

Even a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen adds a homely vibe and a splash of colour and texture. Opt for long lasting fruits, such as green apples or oranges.

Finally, appeal to the sense of smell by making sure your home is smelling fresh (the flowers will help with this).


5. Improve your curb appeal

Although home staging usually refers to the interior of your home, don’t forget to give the exterior some TLC pre-viewings too.

Let’s start with the obvious. Clean up the outside spaces of any leaves, clutter, or rubbish, and ensure your windows are sparkling clean. Believe it or not, failure to neaten up simple things like this, can sometimes put potential buyers off.

Give your front door a fresh lick of paint and make sure any greenery is in good shape. Box plants are great for an evergreen and neat looking option.

Finally, work on that virtual appeal. The first time many potential buyers are likely to see your home is through photos on an online listing. Find a professional property photographer skilled at making homes look the best they can be.essential DIY tips


Find more essential DIY tips and tricks, visit the Airtasker blog here.

January 24, 2019

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