Home improvement inspiration, on a budget!

Want to improve your home without spending too much? It’s very possible. Here are some quick and affordable home improvement tips from Airtasker that you can easily do yourself.

A fresh lick of paint

Sometimes the easiest way to begin a home improvement is a fresh paint job , which can make a huge difference. And it doesn’t necessarily even need to be a new colour. If your walls or cabinets are peeling or fading, a fresh lick of paint could be just the refresh they need. If you really want to switch up the decor of a room while you’re at it, why not paint one wall a bold colour to make a statement?paint for home improvement

Another great tip for giving your kitchen a quick update, is by repainting your cabinets – it can help liven up your kitchen without needing to invest in a whole new set.

Spruce up your stairs with a runner

A really simple and easy way to give your stairs a new lease of life is by getting a runner. They’re affordable, easy to install, and easily replaceable. Opt for a bold colour if you’re ready to make a statement in your hallway.

use mirrors for home improvementOpen up rooms with mirrors

It’s a well-known fact that mirrors can make a room feel bigger as they reflect light. If you want to make your home feel more spacious but can’t afford an extension, adding more mirrors could be the most affordable way to do so.

There’s no need to stick to just walls, you can also install mirrors on to closet doors to make your bedroom feel more spacious too.



Create a DIY headboardcreate a headboard for home improvement

Initially, this one may seem like a lot of hard work and effort, but it really is less intimidating than it looks. If you have a flat bed, a DIY headboard can really bring it to life and make some good use of the drab blank wall space right behind your bed. Seek out inspiration on Pinterest and then prepare to get crafty. 


You could try playing around with some of the following ideas:

Hang a textile. You could nail a rug or a wall hanging for an easy DIY headboard

Paint a ‘headboard’ onto the wall. Admittedly, this one requires more creativity and some serious precision. But it can be done on a budget and looks great.

Paint the lower half of the wall just above your bed. Make sure the line is super straight and presto – you have a makeshift headboard.

Get creative with some wood. If your DIY skills are up to scratch, build yourself a headboard with shelving in it for function + design.


quirky door handles for home improvementGet some quirky door handles/knobs

Door knobs are super affordable and extremely easy to install. For added quirk factor, use different door knobs for all your kitchen cabinets. You can easily find great ceramic ones on online stores such as Etsy.





Build a stylish shelving solutionhomeimprovements5.jpg

If you’re not yet confident with your DIY skills, hire a handyman to help out with this one. A DIY storage solution serves two purposes: it’s functional, and you can use it to display items. Not only are you creating something that can store your things on, but you can also use it as a design element by showcasing your favourite photos and plants.


Find more useful home improvement DIY tips and tricks, visit the Airtasker blog here

February 1, 2019

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