Five ways to incorporate this year’s key trends into your bathroom

According to recent research, a spa like bathroom remains one of the key trends on young homeowners’ wish lists – it’s right up there with aspirational developments such as underfloor heating and loft conversions.

To help you create your own dream space, Charlie Williams, interior designer at Heritage Bathrooms, has looked at how you can incorporate five of this year’s key trends into your bathroom.

Mixed metallics

Metallics have been in vogue for a number of years now, and these key trends are showing no sign of slowing down. The key to making it work for your bathroom in 2019 will be to vary your use of metals to create a standout look that will impress your guests.

mixed metallics key trends

Choose a distinctive metallic bath or statement copper brassware. Also consider using accent textures and shade with a traditional chrome mirror frame like Heritage’s arched mirror. It’ll create a uniform look with an extra little bit of added sparkle.


Biophiliaoutdoor key trends

For the uninitiated, biophilia involves bringing a little bit of the outside in – creating warm and welcoming spaces using household plants and combining with natural woods and neutral tones. 

A key way to bring this into your home is to maximise natural light. Minimise blinds and curtains to allow the sunlight to pour in and then build a bit of colour on top of your neutral tones by adding an array of low-maintenance house plants. Quick tip, a bit of greenery looks lovely when placed into Heritage’s Dorchester suite and if you’re not a fan of the real thing, a nature inspired wallpaper could do the same job!

Memphis Design

blue key trendsThe 1980s is alive again and experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to the Memphis Design movement, which has seen homes across the world serve as a tribute to the wonders of primary colours and geometry.

It doesn’t need to be difficult to incorporate this trend in a more subtle way though. Why not try painting a roll-top tub, like the Buckingham from Heritage, in your favourite colour before jazzing up your room further with some funky towel designs for a bit of pattern and intrigue.




Colour layeringcolour layering key trends

Bringing a range of colours and shades into your home can make it feel warm and welcoming, while adding interest and intrigue to your space. 

When looking to include these key trends into your home, though, it’s vital to include a common thread which ties the room together. Why not accomplish this in your bathroom by layering soft hues on top of the monochrome Granley suite from Heritage Bathrooms.


Bold black bathrooms

bold key trendsDark shades can help bring a spa-like quality to your bathroom, creating an indulgent high-end experience that you’ll love all year round. 

Use these key trends in your bathroom to make a statement by including a dark freestanding bath, such as the hand finished Alderley Croc Skin Effect from Heritage Bathrooms. Pair it with patterned tiles or wallpaper for an elegant finish.


January 31, 2019

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