Interior design: Escape the snow by going retro

A fusion of contemporary and retro style and a focus on wellbeing in interior design can help turn your home into a warm, welcoming escape from the cold this winter, says trend analyst and designer Allison Chatten…

As lead designer at British furniture brand Icon, Allison says ‘future retro’ is set to be a very popular trend this winter. “It’s about refined sophistication and combining a love of vintage and heritage with a more playful, modern atmosphere”, she said. “In short, it’s combining contemporary fabric technology, an awareness of mood-mindful textures with looks inspired by high-end 60s and 70s fashion and design such as Prada and Hermès.

“Pink is an essential colour for Autumn Winter 18, with the future retro trend giving it a sophisticated yet grounded feel. The combination of peachy pinks, muted berry reds, golden ochre and deep blues creates a moody yet fresh air of sophistication. The addition of richly soft textures, dark mango wood, tan leather and copper accents adds depth and cosiness to the trend. It’s quite an earthy, contemporary take on pink, which is key to giving the 70s look a contemporary twist. 

“Corduroy and velvets also come into their own with this style – they have that great retro feel but are also welcoming and refined - while faux fur is great for adding layers of warmth and depth. Retro interior design collection from Icon

“We’ve reflected this in our own collection with our cord retro bean bags in charcoal, stone, heather and navy and a new range of plush velvet beanbag ‘throne’ armchairs and footstools which we are very excited about. These come in three on-trend colours of rich Dragon Teal, delicate Moon Glow Gold and earthy Sea Smoke Grey.” 

These new collections complement Icon’s large collection of ultra-soft faux fur items using opulent fabric which has a luxurious depth of colour and tone, and the soft tactile feel of real fur. 

Items include throws, cushions, footstools and bean bags themed in colours of Brown Bear, Ostrich, Champagne, Bavarian Wolf, Mocha and Soho Cream, with new hues and textures of Rose Dust, Mongolian White and Mongolian Grey.

Icon’s 70’s Soul Collection is a uniquely relaxed and tactile take on the future retro trend, led by its commitment to designing interiors that enhance mindfulness and wellbeing.

Allison adds, “Mindfulness and balance are at the heart of Icon. Our collections are inspired by a relaxed Scandinavian way of life where warmth comes from within and happiness is found in the little things. 

“The fabrics and fillings you choose to dress your home and the way you organise your space can have a huge impact on mood and atmosphere in the home.”


Interior design advice from Allison for Autumn/Winter: Retro interior design grey furry beanbag from Icon

• If you want to make your home feel warmer for AW18 whilst retaining an air of sophistication pair deep teals, bold ochres and dark greys with delicate dusky or peachy pinks.

• When choosing furniture, smaller simple pieces that engulf you in comfort rather than large, bulkier items can create a calm informal mood without taking up too much space.

• If you are an interiors addict with lots of accessories, try to strip back and have a rule for yourself – if it doesn’t bring you joy or have a practical use take it to a charity shop.

• If you have a minimalist look, try adding layers of cosiness and opulence with ultra-soft faux fur, plush velvet or soft corduroy to create a warm and welcoming living area.

• When winter is getting you down, remember soft, tactile textures such as faux fur are a perfect antidote to bleaker weather.

• If you’re struggling for space make a list of the activities you do in that space and look for multi-use pieces such as soft stools which can be used as seats, footrests and even side-tables.

 Icon is part of the Bazaar Group, a leading soft furnishing manufacturer based in Northumberland. Its brands also include, Leda, Eden Learning Spaces and Bambeano. For more information on interior design see

September 20, 2018

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