Make no Mi-steak when hosting the perfect summer barbecue

With the summer sunshine and National Barbecue Week (May 28th to June 3rd) on the horizon, Barratt Homes Northampton and David Wilson Homes South Midlands have cooked up some creative ideas on how Bedfordshire homebuyers can host the best barbecue party in their brand new property.

The hottest part of the year is fast approaching which is ideal for homebuyers wanting to welcome their friends and family to their new home, and there’s no better way to get together than with some ice cold drinks and freshly grilled food in the garden.

Jackie Day, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said:

“For those who have recently purchased a property, hosting a barbecue is not only a great way to welcome people to your home but also a brilliant opportunity to introduce yourself to your new neighbours.”

Alison Raine, Sales Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, added: National Barbecue Week

“The imminent arrival of the long-awaited summer weather has ensured social media is full of useful suggestions on how to make the most of the sunshine, so we have compiled a range of top tips from our buyers on how to entertain guests during National Barbecue Week.”

Barratt and David Wilson Homes’ top suggestions for National Barbecue Week are:

Create the perfect opportunity to ‘meat’ the neighbours

Purchasing a home ensures buyers are faced with new experiences, new surroundings and new neighbours. Communities are being formed by Barratt and David Wilson Homes across the county, meaning residents will be part of a close-knit environment.

All homebuyers are in the same boat, however, and there’s no better way to get to know the neighbours than by hosting a barbecue. Begin a new relationship with those next door by cooking them some delicious food and sharing a drink in the garden.

Set up a salad bar in the kitchen

Each Barratt and David Wilson property has a kitchen with an open layout, providing the perfect space to put on a nice salad buffet. This will go down a treat with any vegetarian companions!

Keep the French doors open to your garden, allowing guests to get their hot food outside before simply walking through to the kitchen where there will be a delightful spread of salad, vegetables and condiments.

Liven things up with a funky theme

Create a joyous party atmosphere by hosting a themed barbecue. Whether that be Hawaiian with flowery leis and decorative shorts or Tropical with a range of exotic cocktails and meat options, a theme will always liven up the party.

Major events are also a good excuse to welcome guests to your new property, such as inviting family and friends over for a barbecue in the summer sun whilst following England’s World Cup journey on the TV.

Dress up the décor to accommodate guests

Set the mood with some charismatic garden décor such as lights for when the evening draws in but the party’s not quite ready to end, as well as comfortable seating for guests to enjoy their freshly cooked food in.

Take pride in making the garden a haven for welcome visitors through decorating it with ornaments and holding lanterns and hanging illuminations to produce a soothing ambience under the stars.

Discover the unconventional use for a paddling pool

It’s important to keep children attending the barbecue entertained and whilst filling up a paddling pool is a great option on those hot afternoons, there is another useful way it can be used for when the kids aren’t visiting. 

Filling the paddling pool with ice provides the opportunity to preserve food and drink which may spoil in the heat. Keep the guests refreshed with an ice cold beverage whilst they wait for their main course.

Make it unique and inventive

Ensure the barbecue is one to remember with a creative food and drinks menu that will guarantee the guests will want to come back for another party.

Why not try freezing an assortment of berries and serving them as ice cubes that will give the drinks a fruity twist, or create unique kegs from fresh fruit to ensure the visitors are presented with healthy refreshments throughout.

Don’t forget the entertainment! National Barbecue Week

Whilst waiting for the food to be cooked or for the perfect end to an evening, provide the guests with music and games to officially become the greatest host or hostess.

Not only is this enjoyed by people of all ages, it offers the ideal opportunity to go from neighbours to friends through getting to know each other over shared interests and a lot of laughs along the way.

Alison added:

“Our beautiful new homes are fashioned in a way that’s perfect for accommodating house guests, offering convenience and fitting in with all lifestyles.”

David Wilson Homes South Midlands currently has a broad range of homes available in Bedfordshire at the following developments: Great Denham Park and Ripley View in Great Denham, Kingsley Manor in Langford, Lidlington Court in Lidlington and Marston Fields in Marston Moretaine.

Barratt Homes Northampton also has homes for sale in Bedfordshire at the following developments: Great Denham Park in Great Denham, Marston Park in Marston Moretaine and Orchid Fields in Kempston.

For more information about National Barbecue Week or any nearby developments, please call the Barratt Homes sales team on 0844 811 3399 or the David Wilson Homes sales team on 0844 811 4477. Alternatively you can visit or



May 30, 2018

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