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Average British Home has Seven DIY Projects That Need Doing

Man painting living room - DIY project

New research has revealed that the average British homeowner has seven DIY projects that need doing in their property, and 14% think they will never complete all the maintenance and DIY jobs in their home.

The average British household has seven DIY projects that have been left unfinished or not even started, and the majority of people have begun a project without finishing it. What’s more, over two thirds of Britons say that they have tackled a home-improvement task themselves before having to hire a professional in. 

Help is at hand with LG Harris

DIYers laughing and joking after painting

Before DIYers get started this summer, Harris, the UK’s leading decorating brand, has launched an online help guide so even the most inexperienced DIYer can gather top tips on tools and techniques to give them the confidence to create the perfect finish.

The decorating experts looked at different personality types among DIYers, from the ‘Obsessive’ to the ‘Overwhelmed, to create a comprehensive guide to achieving the perfect finish and that all important sense of pride from a job well done.

Harris Brushes spokesperson, Sonia Sanghera, explains: “Those who regularly carry out DIY jobs at home usually have the tools and know-how to successfully complete home improvements and bask in the praise of those who visit to admire their handiwork.