Touch wood - Flooring Ideas for your home

Nothing can really beat real wood for bringing nature indoors and adding warmth and character to the home, but how easy is it to install and is it difficult to care for? Peter Keane, Director of The Natural Wood Floor Company, takes a look. 

Wood flooring is a classic choice that works across any style of property, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. It is also a surface that is suitable for virtually any room in the home, from hallways to kitchens, mixing well with other popular materials including stone and metal and injecting personality and warmth into large and small spaces alike. While the temptation can be to opt for wood-effect flooring, nothing quite beats the real thing, with engineered wood flooring creating a high-end finish that is surprisingly simple to care for and extremely durable.

Historically, solid flooring was the primary choice for interiors, but this option is not suitable for environments with high humidity and can’t be used with underfloor heating. Needing to be screwed or nailed to the sub floor, solid flooring can also prove tricky and time consuming to fit.  Engineered boards, on the other hand, can be fitted in most rooms in the house, including wet and humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom and can be floated or fixed to most types of subfloor together with an underlay. 

An engineered board has up to 11 layers of plywood backing, with each layer glued at a 90-degree angle to the adjoining layer. The surface layer of a precious hardwood is then glued on top, resulting in a much more stable floor with a robust construction, which can be used with underfloor heating too, so your real wood floor is as warm to walk on as it is to look at.

Once laid, keeping wood flooring looking as good as new is straightforward, a combination of dry cleaning to remove dirt and dust particles, and damp cleaning to protect it against scratches is really all that is needed for a lacquered or oiled floors. For weekly cleaning, a capful of concentrate mixed with water and applied with a damp mop will suffice, while to refresh the look and lustre annually in the high traffic areas use a concentrated polish, again applied with water and a damp mop.

Chosen well and with the right care, this is a flooring option that will look the part for many years, the most difficult decision will be in choosing which floor for which room. 


wooden flooringWhile the graining of a real wood floor can help small spaces appear bigger, a lacquered finish as shown on this Engineered Oak from The Natural Wood Floor Co, seals the deal. Prices are from £66 per square metre.








The Natural Wood Floor Company Oak Aged Parquet Ebony Oiled wood flooring. With its tumbled edges and soft worn woodenflooring2_0.jpgappearance, this range of aged wood flooring has a convincingly antique look, which looks like it’s developed naturally over the years and has all the character and charm of a reclaimed floor. Priced start at £66 per s/m






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November 30, 2018

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