OXO kitchen products review

Here, our editor Victoria Galligan tests products from the OXO kitchen range…

For some help in the kitchen and to make your life easier, try the product range from OXO who have come up with some handy gadgets to take the stress out of preparing and storing food. 

From vegetable peelers to corn on the cob holders (how difficult is that task normally?!) there are a range of goodies in the new OXO catalogue which you’ll want in your kitchen ASAP.OXO kitchen products review - egg timer

Punctual Egg Timer With Piercer (£20)

If, like me, you’ve got a family who likes their eggs done in three different ways then help is at hand! 

The egg timer from OXO is a great way to produce perfectly cooked yolks every time – soft, medium or hard-boiled.

With a piercing needle, you can create a hole in the shell which allows the egg to separate from he shell during cooking – and the result is delicately boiled eggs done exactly to your taste.

I used to create a hard-boiled breakfast for my young daughters, and a softer centre for myself – the timer did the trick and the difference the hole makes during cooking was notable too – there was more of a poached consistency thanks to the water surrounding the egg white. Hubby even managed a medium-boiled egg for himself and reported it was cooked to perfection! 


Reusable Silicone Lids (from £10)

Cutting down on plastic use – including those food containers and trays we all know and love but which end up in landfill – has been made much easier thanks to OXO. 

Now instead of buying plastic tubs, you can use any glass or ceramic bowl and seal it for freshness and ease of transportation, using a silicone lid

With a transparent centre, you can see what’s inside and the lids are microwaveable so you can keep the machine clean – avoid any home or office rows over who left that mess!

They come in small, medium and large sizes to fit most bowls – so no more hunting for the right lid for your variety of plastic boxes!OXO kitchen products review - reusable lids

I used for a lunch taken to work and found them to be really effective – no spillages in the back of the car, and they were really easy to wipe clean after use too.

So if you're fed up of hoarding all those plastic tubs which are difficult to stack and rarely stay partnered with their lids in the cupboard, these reusable silicone lids are a great alternative.

For these and more OXO products, including the bathroom and office range, see the latest goodies at oxouk.com