Tips and tricks for saving for a new home

Tips and tricks for saving for a new home: All comments made by Hannah Byrne, Communications Manager at Quidco

“When you’re saving for a house – consequently likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make – it can sometimes feel like you’re sacrificing your life to save. However it doesn’t have to be this way; you can save money every day by making small changes that you probably won’t even notice.

1.    Set a realistic budget

It can be all too easy when you’re saving money to try and live off the smallest amount possible, meaning you have nothing left to enjoy yourself. But just like cutting out all unhealthy foods on a diet can leave you falling off the wagon in spectacular style, if you try live off the bear minimum, you’ll end up having a huge blowout money-wise and be back at square one. Setting a budget that is sustainable for a long period of time will ensure you’re able to set some money aside, while also ensuring you can enjoy yourself.

2.    Change up your suppliers

If you’re currently renting, this is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to save money. However it’s something many Young couple reading tips and tricks for saving for a new homepeople seldom do because they think it’ll be too much trouble – it isn’t. Switching your gas, electric, broadband, home, car, pet, and travel insurance providers can save you hundreds of pounds every year. The easiest way to find the best deal is by using a comparison website.

3.    Squirrel loose change

We might spend more money electronically than ever before, but us Brits still carry around quite a bit of cash on a daily basis. If your purse/wallet/pockets are brimming with loose change, make it work for you by keeping it all together in a pot. You’ll soon rack up a tidy sum which you can then pay into a savings account or spend on things such as your weekly grocery shop or travel.

4.    Plan your week’s meals

Meal planning is a great way to not only improve your diet, but also streamline your finances. By planning out your week’s meals before you hit the shops, you’ll make sure you only buy what you need – minimising wastage and spontaneous purchases.

5.    Earn money on everything you buy

Even when we’re saving money, we still need to buy things. Whether it’s necessary, such as food, or something a little more extravagant, like a new outfit for a friend’s wedding. Whatever is commanding your money, why not make some of it back by shopping through a cashback site, such as

The average Quidco member earns more than £300 per year in cashback from buying everyday items. This money can either be withdrawn into your bank account, or converted to vouchers to spend instore and online.”