Soundproof blinds are being developed to help you get the perfect night's sleep

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Noisy neighbours, city life and chirping birds are just some of the things keeping Brits awake at night and, with the majority of the population sleeping with their windows open during the summer months, there is no escaping the noise - until now.

After having increasing numbers of enquiries for soundproof blinds, 247 Blinds looked at the bigger picture to find out how much of an impact it’s having on peoples’ ability to sleep, and is now looking to develop a brand-new product range - Sound Barrier Blackout Roller Blinds.

After a recent study* revealed that the average Brit is only getting six hours of sleep each night, two hours less than the recommended average, the online blinds retailer analysed Google search data to find out the most common noise-related issues keeping Brits awake:

Noisy neighbours Lilac soundproof blinds in a bedroom

The rain

Birds chirping/tweeting

Street/city noise 

Trains passing by 

Construction noise

Planes flying by  

The product development team at 247 Blinds have been working with acoustic advisors and architectural soundproofers to develop a range of sound-resistant, blackout blinds for the home, designed to create the perfect sleep environment for shift workers, people living in bustling cities and those enduring annoying, loud neighbours.

The new Sound Barrier range will tackle the noise that easily smashes through windows, even double glazing, by combining methods of dampening and absorbing. Specially developed, high-density acoustic materials will absorb higher frequency sounds, whilst the unique honeycomb-type pattern creates air pockets that will dissipate vibrations and dampen lower frequency noise. 

Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds comments on the new product development: 

“It’s unsurprising that many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep in today’s world. We live very busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to switch off; putting up with outside noise when you’re trying to sleep is just an added distraction. 

“We decided to look at developing soundproof blinds after an increasing demand for people looking to shut-out noise from the outside world. The specially developed technology will be combined with blackout material, to help create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep.” 

For more information about the new Sound Barrier Roller Blinds and to see the full range, please click here