Top tips to make a move easy

Although it’s an exciting step towards living in your dream home, the process of moving house can sometimes feel like a demanding experience. However, from the moment you make the decision to sell your property, to the day of the move itself, if you manage the process well then it can feel like a fond farewell to your old home, rather than a drawn-out process.

Here, Tonia Tyler, sales director at Redrow Homes South Midlands, discusses how to make your move as smooth as possible. 

The Sell 

Once you have decided to make the move, your first task will be to sell your existing home. From making any updates to your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers, through to selecting an estate agent to market your house, this process marks the beginning of your journey.

However, this need not be a chore. Taking the process in easy, bite-sized stages will make it more manageable and mean you don’t feel overwhelmed Top tips to make a move easyduring the process.

The good news is that if you buy a Redrow home, then you can utilise their handy Mastermove scheme to sell your old property. Redrow Homes will take care of the valuations, appointing an estate agent, and all of the tiresome paperwork, leaving you to focus on packing. 

The Viewing

It’s not all about the smell of freshly baked bread to entice viewers into the dream of owning your property – it’s important that your house really looks and feels like it could be a visitor’s next home. This means putting away personal items, having a good dust, and removing any unsightly furniture or fixtures and fittings. While there’s no need to be excessive, a good spring clean gives a great first impression – it’ll even help clear some clutter when you do come to making the move. 

The Plan

Planning is essential in the run up to the move, particularly when it comes to time and materials. Ensure you give yourself enough time to pack and move, before finally unpacking in your new home. Leaving it to the final few days may mean you forget or break belongings, so consider putting time aside to get everything in order before you go back to day-to-day life.

Secondly, you will need the right materials to get the job done, including boxes, more boxes, bubble wrap, tape and labels or a good pen. Booking a large vehicle or home removal company well in advance is also a must, particularly if you are moving further afield.

The Pack

Getting everything boxed up will make the move a more manageable process. Everything precious will need the protection of bubble wrap, however do try to pack one room at a time and label the boxes as you go, as this will make your belongings easier to organise when they arrive in your new home. 

Start with the rooms you least need, reducing the chance of you rummaging through boxes to find important items days before you move.

This stage is also a great opportunity to get organised and decide what you simply must take to your new home, and what could be better off donated to a charity shop. Arrive at your new home eager to unpack and get settled, not dreading filtering through unwanted belongings that you may not have a real need for.

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