5 Ways to Make your Kitchen a Social Family Space

The kitchen is a beloved part of the family house, a social family space – it’s a room for parties, meetings, dinners and dancing, and according to a recent survey by British cooking appliance brand Belling, 70% of Brits see it as the heart of the home. We reportedly spend an average of three hours a day in the kitchen, so making it a warm, welcoming space can go a long way in helping nurture happy family life. Here are five ways you can make your kitchen a perfect social family space.

Wiggle room

The nationwide research, commissioned by Belling, found that Brits enjoy an average of 203 family meals, 62 take-aways and 52 roast dinners a year – so space in the kitchen is essential. When having a big family dinner or laying out nibbles at a party, plenty of room to breathe will help create a relaxed atmosphere, plus reduce any unwanted accidents. This doesn’t however hinge on having a large kitchen – rather, try and ensure that all space is maximised, and table space is free and ready for your many dishes, desserts and drinks. For families with seriously compact kitchens, try using the ‘cosy’ aesthetic to your advantage, with warm colours and atmospheric lighting – adding a soft and welcoming feel.

Maximising family memoriesSocial family space

Kitchens are the perfect place for spending quality time with family members, whether it be at the dinner table, washing the dishes or catching up over one of the 2,828 cups of tea we reportedly enjoy each year. Therefore, including a few unique features on display, such as family photos or holiday souvenirs, is an ideal way to spark beloved memories and get families reminiscing over the good times. 

Kitchen party prep

There’s something wonderfully intimate about a kitchen party, and dancing along to the radio whilst doing the washing up is a must. According to Belling’s research, Brits host roughly three kitchen parties a year, and enjoy 72 spontaneous bouts of kitchen dancing – so having the relevant technology in your kitchen can help create that fun and lively atmosphere. Introducing a smart radio that can stream online playlists is a great option for creating the perfect soundtrack to any occasion, whether it be a tot’s tea-party or sophisticated dinner. For those big family parties, a large and varied playlist full of popular singalong hits is crucial for getting everyone on the kitchen-dance floor, and Belling’s Ultimate Kitchen Party Playlist is an ideal choice to enjoy in the family space.  

Create a focal point

Having a focal point in the kitchen is a great way to maximise the room and bring the whole family together, whether over a board game, selection of snacks or cup of coffee. Dinner tables, islands and breakfast bars often lend themselves perfectly to kitchen focal points, as the whole family can relax around them at any time of day. 37% of Brits would reportedly add a freestanding island into their dream kitchen set up, and due to its wide, open nature – you can see why it adds to the family space. 

Invest in a family fridge 

Finally, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular parts of the family kitchen, is the fridge. From hearty breakfasts to late night snacks, every family member is drawn to it at numerous times of the day, so make it a fun, statement item in your kitchen. Whether it’s through showcasing cherished art brought home from school or sticking on a calendar of upcoming family activities, making good use of the captive audience is a simple yet effective way to celebrate family life. 


All statistics and research can be found at https://www.belling.co.uk/life-of-a-kitchen/