How to maximise space and storage in your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you spend hours recharging your batteries, and it should be a place you can fully relax. However, with the stresses of daily life, it’s easy to let your bedroom become messy and cluttered. This doesn’t help the room feel like a relaxing environment.

To help keep your bedroom as tidy as possible, we have spoken to Bespoke Interiors to get some top tips and tricks they use to create bedrooms which maximise the available space while not compromising on storage options.


Fitted wardrobes
While this isn’t an option for everyone, fitted wardrobes are one of the best ways of creating storage space which maximise space available. They work particularly well in rooms which may have structural constraints, for example, an old fireplace or slopingFitted wardrobes to maximise space and storage in your bedroom ceilings. If a room has either of these, you may find that free-standing wardrobes that fit into the space you have are hard to find. Fitted wardrobes, on the other hand, can be built to fit precisely into, and take advantage of, the available space. 

Under-bed storage

Depending on the size of your room, your bed will take up a large proportion of the available floor space. Choosing a bed which allows you to utilisethe space underneath for storage can be a significant help in maximisingthe rest of the space in your bedroom. There are two main bed options which allow you to store items underneath. The first, and an increasingly popular option, is an ottoman storage bed. This has the added advantage of concealing whatever you are storing, as the mattress lifts up to reveal a storage space underneath. The other option is a bed with accessible space underneath through open sides and ends. While this kind of bed may allow you more fixability, in the fact that it won’t have limitations on the space because of structural requirements, it can also result in a less organisedlook if items start spilling out from under the bed. To combat this, why not consider storage boxes which would fit under the bed to help keep everything tidy.


Make the most of a bedside table
A bedside table can be really useful. It offers a place for you to place valuables you use every day and maybe put down or take off just before bed, e.g. watches, rings or your phone. It’s also common to have a lamp on your bedside table, particularly if you read in bed. There are a large number of bedside tables available now which seem to disregard storage because they are going for a minimalist look. However, it is still possible to achieve a minimalist look with your bedside table while retaining some storage capability. You can find bedside tables which include lower shelves which can be used for storage while also being open and minimalist. Another option, if your bed frame is against a wall, is the install floating shelves to act as a bedside table. This can look really effective and give you a range of storage options. 

Fitted wardrobes to maximise space and storage in your bedroom

Take your desk out of your bedroom
While this might not be possible for everyone, taking a work desk out of your bedroom can make a massive difference to the space available. Studies have shown that working in your bedroom can have a detrimental impact on your sleep. To get the best rest in your bedroom, the room shouldn’t be associated with work. By taking out a work desk, you not only free up space, but you take away a common clutter area. Desks can often be where things like letters and piles of paper build up. Also, with all the items which end up on desks, they are often dust traps and need regular dusting. If you take away your option to ‘just put it on the desk’, you will find yourself becoming more organised as it will force you to either put an item away in a storage space, find a place for it somewhere else in your home, or throw it away. Due to the size of a desk, by removing it you allow yourself to add something like a chest of drawers which can make a major improvement to your storage options. 



Keep as much floor space as possible

The more floor space you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will feel. While you should also try and keep wall space if you have to choose between storing thing on the wall or them taking up space on the floor, priorities the floor. Shoes are a classic example of an item which can take up huge amounts of floor space if not stored correctly. A smart storage option for shoes is a door hanging shoe holder which can fit multiple pairs in. While this might not be visually to everyone’s taste, they are very practical and free up floor space.

We hope these tips help you maximise space in your bedroom and allow you to make the most of it. If you’d like more information on Bespoke Interiors, you can visit their website.