Top tips to rid your home of dog smell

With 9.9 million pet dogs in homes across the country, it is fair to say that Brits are a nation of dog owners, but the majority will still admit they aren’t a fan of the lingering dog smell.
To support households with dogs, dog chew specialist and rescue dog advocate, TastyBone, has created a simple guide to getting rid of unwanted smells in the home.
Clean your dog’s bed
Dogs love their bed, it's their safe space and a place to take some time out and rest. Whilst it’s important to make sure the bed keeps a familiar scent, giving it a vacuum once a week and a wash every other week will help keep the smell under control.
Fix your floors
Sweep and wash hard floors with strong, pet-friendly cleaning solutions and hot water regularly, which will combat odour and also clean up paw prints. Dog smell can easily linger in carpet fibres, so make sure to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week and steam clean them regularly.
Cover up
Use a cover on any furniture your dog sits on and wash it every week along with any throws, blankets pillows or cushions, to stay on top of odours. You can also maintain freshness by putting a dryer sheet inside cushions and pillows.
Air it out
Keep internal doors open so air can circulate around the house. Depending on the weather, you can also let some fresh air in by opening up the windows and leaving them to air out the space.
If you have an air purifier, use that as often as possible. It’s easy to become immune to your dog’s smell and trying to cover it up with heavily perfumed air freshener can sometimes make it worse. Letting in some fresh air is a simple and free way to rid your home of Fido’s fumes!
Smelly scents
Scented candles and reed diffusers are a great way to bring nice scents into the home. These are best placed in corridors, bathrooms and living rooms where the space is often smaller and less ventilated. Be careful to place these out of reach of your furry friend and keep a close eye on them if any candles are lit.
Doggy wash
It’s important to conduct research into your dog’s breed and coat before giving them a wash. Some breeds require specialist grooming, and the nature of some coats will need more regular washing to keep smells at bay.
It’s also important you don’t bathe your dog too frequently, because it can cause skin irritations. This can also become an issue if the skin isn’t dried properly or non-dog-friendly shampoo is used, as this can contain chemicals that might irritate your pooch’s A dog rolling on a sofa creating a dog smell in the housecoat. If you’re unsure about bathing your dog, speak to your vet.
It’s also a good idea to give your dog’s teeth a clean to keep bad breath at bay - click here to read more about keeping your dog’s teeth sparkling and clean.
 Steph Green, Junior Brand Manager at TastyBone, said: “We know the UK is a nation of dog owners, but nobody likes the smell of dirty dog! As pet owners, we can often become immune to their smell.
“Our simple tips will help ensure your home is free of the smell of dog - and your dog may get extra cuddles too! It’s also important to ensure your dog has a designated space in the house where they can get some much-needed rest and relaxation when needed.”
For more helpful tricks and tips surrounding dog ownership, visit the TastyBone blog.