How to turn your loft conversion into a motivating home office

With news that Coronavirus will only spread further, many of us are already taking precautions by working from home. To help you concentrate and stay as productive as possible during these difficult times, David Knight, Digital Manager at Roof Windows 4 You, discusses the ways you can turn your loft conversion into a motivating home office.

COVID-19 has become a worldwide problem and, to keep staff safe, many companies have advised their employees to work from home. Remote working is the perfect solution during these troubling times, as it prevents the spread of the virus, and can reduce the need for unpaid sick leave. But your home isn't your office, and you might find it difficult to focus in a different environment. That's why you might benefit from turning your loft space into a home office that will inspire and motivate you to work in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Below, I'll be giving you my top tips for creating the perfect work environment in your loft space.

Let the light in

As part of the original loft conversion process, it's likely you will have installed a few roof windows. These will be an importantwoman working in motivating home office element of your home office, as you'll need plenty of light to be able to work effectively.

Recent research conducted by Professor Alan Hedge from Cornell University found that people who worked in offices with lots of natural sunlight reported fewer headaches, less drowsiness, and reduced eyestrain, which all contributed to improved productivity. So, opening your blinds and letting plenty of sunlight in can help you work more efficiently in your home office. Try to open your windows regularly, too, as this will get some fresh, clean air into the room, helping to prevent headaches and stuffiness, which can hinder productivity.

If you don't have any roof windows, you're working late, or the sun is hiding behind rainclouds, make sure you have plenty of artificial lighting in the form of LED bulbs. These can imitate natural light, helping to reduce eyestrain and headaches, and boosting your productivity. So, make sure you have plenty of ambient lighting, like ceiling lights and spotlights, and task lighting, such as desk lamps.

Remove distractions

Your loft is the perfect place for your home office — not only does it give you somewhere else in your home to escape to while you're in isolation but, by having a space separate from the rest of your home, you're less likely to be distracted by chores and other family members. However, to be productive, it might also be helpful to remove any other distractions, such as televisions and other non-essential devices. It's likely that you'll keep checking up on the latest COVID-19 updates, which can cause feelings of anxiety and panic that can distract you from your work.

If you can, bring everything you need upstairs with you, including your kettle. This way, you won't need to venture downstairs to make yourself a cup of tea, and you can avoid any unwanted distractions.

Add some greenery

If you're sick of being stuck inside, why not bring the outdoors in? Adding some plants to your home office can help give you a little happiness boost and help improve your productivity and motivation. Research conducted at the University of Exeter looked into the impact plants can have on the office environment. They discovered that staff who worked in 'green' offices reported a better mood, lower stress levels, and increased concentration when compared to staff in offices without plants. So, you might benefit from having a few little leafy friends in your home office.

Choose colour wisely

The colour of your workspace can also have an effect on your productivity, and it might be worth giving your walls a quick lick of paint. Soothing colours like pale blues and greens can help to promote a sense of calm, helping you to avoid stress and think more clearly. However, bright, bold colours such as yellow can help give you a creativity boost, which might be a better option if you work in a role that relies on problem solving or artistic skills.

If you don't want to repaint your room, even adding a few little accessories like blankets and cushions in your productivity-boosting colour can help to improve your motivation and concentration.

In light of recent news, many people across the world are working from home. By following these four tips, you can transform your loft into a motivating home office space.