Create an adaptable home with internal doors

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Adapting a house to create additional space or change the purpose of a room can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to involve a significant change to the architectural structure or be extremely time-consuming. Meeting these requirements can often be done by making relatively small changes around a home. 

A simple and effective method that delivers the benefits of open-plan living, as well as the option to section off a space for privacy, is separating a room using internal folding doors. This flexibility maximises a room’s use without having to undergo a huge design overhaul.   

Create a productive home office

When working from home, it can be challenging to stay focused and motivated. However, creating a home office that is purely used for this purpose can help create the distinction between work and relaxation. 

If the size of your office is restrictive, it’s important to use the space efficiently to ensure it’s practical as well as comfortable. Foldable furniture, wall storage and the right choice of door can all help save space. 

Rick Collins, director at bi-fold door manufacturers, Vufold, said: “If you’re in and out of the office through the day, a door that slides or stacks to one side and stays open makes it much easier to move between spaces.”

Large glass doors also allow natural light to seep through which can improve productivity levels, according to research

Rick added: “Some people work better in an open space, rather than being boxed away into one room. Doors that open wide offer this option.”  Vufold bi-folding doors in family home

Form a versatile dinner party setting

When hosting a dinner party, you might want to keep the kitchen open so that you can still enjoy the company of your guests while preparing the food. However, some prefer to cook in private without any distractions and to keep the dining room away from the mess. 

Rachel Usher, founder of Rachel Usher Interior Design, said: “Dining rooms often have dual personalities and can purpose as music rooms, playrooms and other functions which require a sense of calm away from the hub of the kitchen.”

Bi-fold doors between the kitchen and dining room offer the choice of keeping these areas separate or opening up the two spaces to become more interactive and sociable.

Connect indoor and outdoor spaces

Large gardens are a sought-after home feature. An outdoor space can function as a second dining area, a peaceful haven and a place to fulfil a hobby. 

Rachel said: “Gardens and outdoor spaces are no longer seen as separate entities which is a positive step towards improving our wellbeing, as there are significant health benefits to spending time outdoors. 

“Designing our homes in such a way so that the indoors and outdoors feel as one is essential to our feeling of contentment when enjoying our gardens.”

Large glass doors that can open up completely creates the illusion of a larger space and helps make the outdoors and indoors feel like one. Even when the doors are shut, homeowners can still showcase the impressive views. 

Rachel added: “Bi-fold doors allow floor surfaces to continue seamlessly and furniture to be arranged across the boundaries of both surfaces, creating a perfect connection to the outdoor space.”

Highlight the benefits of entertainment rooms 

An entertainment area can be used for social gatherings, family nights in and play areas. Some may choose to incorporate it as an extension to their living room or decide to keep both spaces separate for different functions.  

Rick said: “When people want their own space, being able to temporarily divide these rooms by closing bi-fold doors delivers privacy and the choice of different functions. Vufold bi-folding doors in family home

“However, having doors that open widely conjoins the living and entertainment sections for a more sociable environment.”

Using this room for children to play in prevents toys from being left around the house, allowing parents to relax much easier. 

Rick said: “Large glass doors give parents a bit of space, while still being able to check on the children.”

With a little more planning, such doors can also be used to replace a light dry-wall partition or separating wall, creating the open plan you might be looking for, but with extra, multi-functional options.

Incorporating internal bi-fold doors in your home design can fulfil the property’s potential by providing seclusion when privacy is required, and opening up two spaces when a more sociable setting is desired.