Tumbling mortgage rates set to define this year

One of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers is predicting that mortgage rates will continue to fall on mortgages as the aggressive price war between banks continues.
Shaun Evans, CEO of Mortgage Experience said: “Competition is continuing to heat up between banks over mortgages and I can only see mortgage deals getting better for property buyers.”
The price war between banks has already seen lenders like Tesco quit the market and Santander reporting lower profits, but while the competition has seen victims amongst lenders, Shaun advises that for borrowers, this is the year of opportunity.
He said: “We’ve got falling rates right across the board, both on buy to let mortgages and residential mortgages, it’s a great opportunity for both property investors, first time buyers and existing mortgage holders, to get great deals.
“To put things in context, interest rates have almost halved based on 10 years ago, which means the average buyer is saving hundreds of pounds every month on their mortgage.  For example, a mortgage of £250,000 on a property, over 20 years, would have cost £1,300 a month 10 years ago, now you’d Shaun Evans - CEO - on tumbling mortgage ratesbe paying around £1,050.  It’s a big saving!”
Other trends in the market according to Shaun are better deals on longer mortgage terms.  He said: “2019 saw competition between banks over offering the best rates for the most popular two-year fixed deals, but over the last year this has moved to aggressive price cuts on longer fixed rate products and more products being offered. In fact, there are more than twice the amount of fixed rate deals there were five year ago.  The cost to fix for longer has become much lower.”
Shaun advises to hunt around and interest rates can be found as low as 1.19% on buy to let mortgages and as low as 1.17% on residential mortgages.
Mortgage Experience provides mortgage advice for home buyers and specialises in finding mortgage deals for people who may have struggled to get a good deal from the bank due to their circumstances.
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