When moving into a new home a new carpet is often high on the agenda

When moving into a new home, we tend to make a mental checklist of things we are going to address straight away, such as changing the kitchen and painting the walls. A new carpet is often high on this list.
A recent survey by United Carpets and Beds, however, has revealed that over 86% of the public keep the previous owner’s carpet when moving into a new home. Despite the initial desire to fit new carpets, the job often gets pushed down the list as the assumption is that this will be an expensive purchase. As we can generally ‘make do’ with a less than ideal carpet, other jobs get prioritised which are bigger or need completing as soon as possible. 

The survey showed that the main reason why people replace their carpet is due to it becoming stained or damaged – a carpet feeling ‘unhygienic’ was also chosen by one in ten respondents. While this can be a New carpetgood reason to replace a carpet, it is not always necessary – it may simply be a case of giving it a good clean.
Paul Pearce, from the National Carpet Cleaners Association, advises: “How often you vacuum your carpet really depends on the footfall it gets from day-to-day. In some homes, carpets will need vacuuming daily. The most important thing is to keep on top of it. You should have professionals clean your carpet at least once every 12 to 18 months. This will make sure that it always looks good.”
As for tough stains—the reason 29% of respondents chose to replace their carpet—a wine spill on a cream carpet doesn’t always mean you need to completely replace it. Try these hacks first!

Just under one-fifth of the public choose a new carpet as it no longer matched their décor – this can become quite costly if people frequently change their décor, especially when they move into a new home. 
To avoid the urge to change your carpet every time you redecorate, choose a more neutral style that will blend with any scheme—although some homeowners favour the impact a bold carpet can provide and decorate accordingly. 

Another great tip when choosing a new carpet is to think about the room and how it is used. For example, hallways will require a more heavy-duty pile, whereas bedrooms can get away with being softer and more luxurious. Bathrooms and kitchens may benefit from easy clean materials. Taking these factors into consideration will undoubtedly increase the life of your carpets.  
Tahire Khan, head of ecommerce at United Carpets and Beds comments: “Choosing the correct carpet according to its use will undoubtedly help ensure that it remains clean and hygienic. For example, choose a carpet with water-resistant fibres—which resist damp and mould—for the bathroom, while a polypropylene carpet that can be bleach cleaned is ideal for use in the dining or living room. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning are advisable to ensure that carpets remain in pristine condition for many years.”
Sometimes you have no choice but to replace the carpet, especially if it is very old. With such a wide range of styles available to suit all budgets, choosing a new carpet doesn’t have to be a huge investment, or indeed a commitment to any particular style or colour scheme.


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July 12, 2019

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